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June 20

Saints Day: Severiano, Víctor, Cristoforo, Antonino, Cesáreo and Zotico

1333 - The Merinies and Nazarí armies attack and recapture Gibraltar
1928 - The Real Valladolid football club was founded

Photo - www.teinteresasaber.com

1933 - Spanish aviators, Mariano Barberán and Joaquín Collar, who had crossed the Atlantic on the plane called Cuatro Vientos, left from La Habana for Mexico – but they never arrived
2014 - The remains at the Sima de las Huesos part of the dig have been confirmed to be the largest collection of fossil cranium ever found in a single place of excavation. Of the 17 skulls studied, ten of them were already catalogued, but the other seven are of a new description, so said the man at the centre of the investigation, Juan Luis Arsuaga, which has been published in Science magazine.
One of the skulls found at the Atapuerca site
2017 - The Agriculture Consell has declared the highest alert for forest fires after noting strong winds from the Sahara have made June the warmest month since 1950, according to the State Meteorological Agency. The countryside is tinder dust of shrubs and forestry mass, following a very wet winter, and the following four months with hardly any rain. The alert covers all the Valencia Region.
2022 - The Partido Popular (PP) won the Andalucía regional election, gaining 58 seats - three more than the 55 required for an overall majority.  The Socialist PSOE-A obtained 30 seats it's worst ever performance also losers were Vox with 14 seats, and Citizen's party nothing
Turnout was  58.36% and 3,710,609 votes were counted
2022 - Europe's top court supported Spain in its multi-million € damage claim against The London Steam-Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association for a massive oil spill on its north western coast two decades ago. The 2002 sinking of the Greek oil tanker Prestige, which was sailing to Gibraltar, released an estimated 63,000 tons of foul-smelling black fuel along the Galicia coast and forced the closure of Spain's richest fishing grounds
Archive photo

1870 - Ignacio Zuloaga, painter
1870 - Miguel Yuste Moreno, composer
1913 - Juan de Borbón y Battenberg, 'non reigning' King between 1941 and 1975 (d. 1993).
1918 - Luis Peña, actor (d. 1977).
1940 - Josep Maria Benet, dramatist.
1952 - Mabel Rivera, actress.
1954 - Amparo Muñoz – Actress (d. 2011).
1961 - Javivi, actor.
1964 - Remedios Cervantes, model.
1975 - Joan Balcells, tennis player.
1981 - Joseba Del Olmo, footballer.
1986 - Andrés de la Cruz, actor.

1847 - Juan Larrea, Spanish politician and first member of the Argentina government (b. 1782).
1853 - Antolín Faraldo Asorey, writer and journalist (b. 1823).
1904 - Valentín Almirall, politician and journalist (b. 1841).
1908 - Federico Chueca, composer (b. 1846).
1933 - Mariano Barberán, engineer (b. 1895).
1933 - Joaquin Necklace Serra, military pilot (b. 1906).
1937 - Andrés Nin – Communist leader
1945 - Luís Fernando de Orleans y Borbón, Spanish son of Infanta Eulalia of Spain (b. 1888)
1963 - Manuel Benedito Vives, painter (b. 1875)
1987 - Mariano Cañardo, cyclist (b. 1906).
1989 - Pascual Pery, soldier (b. 1911).