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June 21

Saints Days: Martín, Raimundo, Marcia, Luis Gonzaga and Rodolfo

1483 - A Christian camp was set up outside Granada in a place called Ojos de Huecar. Later it would be known as Santa Fe.

Salomé during the Eurovision Song Contest - photo www.rtve.es

1529 – French forces are driven out of northern Italy by Spain at the Battle of Landriano during the War of the League of Cognac.
1813 - Battle of Vitoria in the Spanish War of Independence.
1898 - The United States captures Guam from Spain. The few warning shots fired by the U.S. naval vessels are misinterpreted as salutes by the Spanish garrison, which was unaware that the two nations were at war
1964 - UEFA European Championship Final, Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid. Marcelino scores the winner as Spain beats Soviet Union, 2-1
2022 - Spain demanded the EU quit an energy investment treaty (ECT) that it threatens the bloc's climate goals.

1528 - Maria of Austria and Portugal, Holy Roman Empress (1564-76) born in Madrid (d. 1603).
1702 - Enrique Flórez, religious man and historian (d. 1773).
1850 - Maria Isabel Manuel de Villena and Alvarez of Asturias, aristocrat (d. 1929).
1889 - Félix Hernández Giménez, architect (d. 1975).
1882 – Lluís Companys, politician, 123rd President of Cataluña (1933-40) born in El Tarròs, Urgell (d. 1940)
1903 - José María Yermo Solaegui, footballer (d. 1960).
1906 - Miguel Vicens rock bass player (Los Bravos - Black is Black) born in Ferrol, Galicia
1918 - María Luisa Ponte, actress (d. 1996).
1928 - Salvador Aldana Fernández, art historian and writer.
1943 - Salomé, singer winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1969
1947 - Fernando Savater, philosopher and author.
1954 - José Diego Álvarez, footballer.
1958 - Jaime Urrutia, musician (Gabinete Caligari).
1960 - Kate Brown, American politician, Governor of Oregon (2015- ) born in Torrejón de Ardoz
1963 - Guille Martín, guitarist (Loquillo y los trogloditas, La Frontera, Los Rodríguez, Desperados) (d. 2006).
1965 - Jorge Moragas, politician.
1966 - Leticia Sabater, tv presenter and actress.
1976 - Pablo Benegas, guitarist, in the group La Oreja de Van Gogh.

1586 - Martín de Azpilicueta, intelectual.
1773 - Jorge Juan, naval engineer and scientist (b. 1713).
1828 - Leandro Fernández de Moratín, dramatatist.
1898 - Manuel Tamayo y Baus, writer (b. 1829).
1988 - Pedrito Rico, singer (b. 1932).
2009 - Julio Valdeón Baruque, historian (b. 1936).