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June 23

Saints Days: Agripina, Ethel and José Cafasso. El Inmaculado Corazón de la Virgen María.
Bonfires of Saint Juan 

1185 - Sanco III of Castille and Fernando II of León signed the Sahagún treaty to share out the lands of Al-Andalus conquered by the Muslims.

Mateo Pérez de Albéniz - www.larioja.com

1280 - The Spanish Reconquista; In the Battle of Moclín the Emirate of Granada ambush a superior pursuing force, killing most of them in a military disaster for the Kingdom of Castile
1532 - Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France signed a secret pact against King Charles I of Spain.
1908 - the Government approves the Law on the Suppression of Usury.
1923 - Vigo, was founded on Celta de Vigo with the merger of Fortuna and Vigo Sporting.
2007 - In Vizcaya the housing bubble bursts.
2022 - The cereal harvest will fall between 20-40% in Spain, Castilla y León is the region most affected 

1722 - Juan Ramos de Lora, priest (d. 1790).
1862 - Maria de la Paz de Borbón, daughter of Spanish queen Isabel II
1869 - Elías Tormo, art critic and archaeologist (d. 1957).
1922 - Juan San Martín, writer (d. 2005).
1937 - José Ángel García de Cortázar, historian.
1939 - Álvaro Pombo, writer.
1954 - Carmen Pinós, architect
1977 - Miguel Ángel Angulo, footballer
1982 - Rober Bodegas, comic.
1990 - Laura Ràfois - footballer

1222 - Princess Constanza of Aragon and Castile, wife of King Emeric I of Hungary and Emperor Frederick II posteriormente (b. 1179).
1537- Pedro de Mendoza, conquistador (b 1487)
1831 - Composer Mateo Pérez de Albéniz and piano teacher of Isabel II. (b. 1755).
1839 - Mariano Lagasca, botanist (b. 1776).
1926 - Joan Llimona, painter (b. 1860).
1959 - Andrés Saliquet, soldier (b. 1877).
1993 - Rafael Anglada, actor and dramatist (b. 1921).