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June 25

Saints Days: Orosia, Máximo, Guillermo and Eva

1412 - Six notaries make the unanimous decision of the nine commissioners of Caspe to choose new king of Aragon Fernando de Antequera.
1431 - The count of Haro, Pedro Fernández de Velasco, attacks the Muslim lands of Montefrio in Granada, setting fire to the land and farms

Emma Suárez - Photo www.republica.com

1658 - Spanish forces fail to retake Jamaica at the Battle of Rio Nuevo during the Anglo-Spanish War.
1870 - Queen Elizabeth II abdicates the throne.
1876 - In the framework of the Third Carlist War battle Abárzuza, which killed more than 1,500 liberal soldiers, including the general himself Manuel Gutiérrez de la Concha is fought.
1983 - The use of garrote, instrument of torture from the Catholic Inquisition, used by Franco to execute prisoners are abolished. (See Salvador Puig Antich).
1990 - Events of the Lumbier in Navarra. A sergeant of the Civil Guard and two members of ETA killed during a gunfight.
2017 - More than 200 immigrants rescued in one hour - Maritime Rescue intercepted yesterday, five pateras trying to reach the Andalucía coast from the Alborán Sea.
2022 - Moroccan authorities said 18 migrants were killed and dozens of migrants and police officers were injured in a 'stampede' of people trying to cross into the Spanish enclave of Melilla 

1852 - Antoni Gaudí, Catalan - Spanish architect (Sagrada Familia; Casa Milá, Casa Batiló  Park Güell) born in Reus (d. 1926)
1862 - José Joaquín Arrospide, Bishop (d. 1928).
1921 - Julián Trincado, businessman.
1922 - Antonio Bienvenida, bullfighter (d. 1975).
1924 - Luis Suárez Fernández, historian.
1928 - Alex Toth, Cartoonist (d. 2006).
1933 - José María Aroca Ruiz-Funes, politician (d. 2010).
1942 - Manolo Otero, actor and singer (d. 2011).
1948 - Antonio Catalán, businessman.
1954 - Lina Romay, actress.(Conan the Barbarian), born in Barcelona (d. 2012)
1959 - Juan Francisco Muñoz Melo, handball player.
1963 - Yann Martel, Spanish-Canadian author (Life of Pi), born in Salamanca
1964 - Emma Suárez, actress (El Perro del Hortelano) born in Madrid
1975 - Chenoa, Argentinian-Spanish singer
1975 - Alberto Costa, professional tennis player born in Lleida

1572 - Alfonso García Matamoros, humanist¡.
1638 - Juan Pérez de Montalbán, author, poet, and playwright (b. 1602)
1909 - Emilia Álvarez Mijares, writer.
1989 - Rafael Ortega Gómez, Gallito, bullfighter.
1993 - Arturo Moreno, cartoonist and illustrator (b. 1909).
2004 - Imanol Larzabal, singer songwriter.
2010 - Jose Maria Diez-Alegria, theologian and priest (b. 1911).
2011 - Juan Vallet de Goytisolo, jurist (b 1917.).
2014 - Ana María Matilde - Author and academic (b 1925)