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June 30

Saints Days: Marcial, Lucila and Emiliana. Mártires de la Iglesia Romana.

Fiestas in honour of San Marcial in Irún

The first peseta - archive photo

713 - After a year of assaults the Plaza in Mérida is occupied by the Muslims led by Musa ibn Nusair
1483 - The Christian army surrenders the fort at Tájara in Granada
1520 - Spanish conquistadors led by Hernán Cortés fight their way out of Tenochtitlan.
1521 - Spanish forces defeat a combined French and Navarrese army at the Battle of Noáin during the Spanish conquest of Iberian Navarre.
1522 - The first battle of San Marcial in Aldabe in Irún, Guipúzcoa. The Franco Navarrians are defeated when trying to recoup the independence of the Kingdom of Navarre.
1596 - English and Dutch fleet begin attack of the Spain fleet moored at Cádiz during the Anglo-Spanish War. Leads also to the looting and burring of the city of Cádiz
1598 - The Spanish held Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico having been besieged for fifteen days, surrenders to the English force under Sir George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland 
1598  - King Felipe II of Spain moves to El Escorial royal palace (dies there three months later)
1949 - The Spanish Royal Academy names Vicente Aleixandre as a member of the academy occupying the chair ‘O’
1969 -  Spain cedes Infi to Morocco
2002 - Banks stop exchanging the peseta, now only possible in the Bank of Spain.
2005 - The Congress of Deputies finally approved the law authorizing civil same-sex marriage.
2016 - Spain will veto Scotland remaining in the European Union without the United Kingdom’. Rajoy ‘radically’ rejected negotiating with territories without entity of State, and has poured cold water on the aspirations of the pretentions presented by the Scottish Government Chief in Brussels yesterday.
2017- ‘Prison for the Guardia Civil agent who was driving drugged and caused an accident where three people died’ amid reports he has had serious problems in discipline which resulted in six internal investigations - the three fatalities are from the same family who had just arrived on holiday. Miguel C.L. is charged on two counts against road safety, three counts of negligent homicide and another seven on causing injuries.
2022 - Barcelona Ayuntamiento has approved new rules to limit the size of tour groups in the Old Town to just 15 people, in a bid to stop the overcrowding caused by tourists
2022 - A spanish court rules that sending unaccompanied Moroccan minors back home after they entered the Ceuta enclave in May last year was illegal and violated their rights

1476 - Juan, Prince of Asturias, son of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castile (d. 1497)
1533 - Marttín de Rada, missionary (d. 1578) 
1628 - Miguel de Molinos, mystical writer and theologian (d. 1696).
1656 - José Ibáñez, baroque painter.
1834 - María del Carmen González Ramos, nun.
1893 - Juan de Contreras and Lopez de Ayala, aristocrat, politician and writer (d. 1978).
1918 - Juan José Espinosa San Martín, politician (d. 1982).
1938 - Pedro Olea, film producer.
1940 - Víctor Erice, film producer.
1946 - José Ramón Esnaola, footballer.
1965 - José Mota, comedian.
1971 - Guillermo Ortega, actor.

1520 - Blas Botello de Puerto Plata, conquistador.
1520 - Juan Velázquez de León, conquistador.
1793 - Ramón Pignatelli, engineer and illustrator (b. 1734).
1809 - Nicasio Álvarez de Cienfuegos, poet.
1907 - Francisco de Paula Loño y Pérez, solider and politician.
1941 - Loreto Gallego García, soldier and one of the last of the Philippines.
1959 - Agustín de Foxá, writer, journalist and diplomat.
1977 - Pío García-Escudero y Fernández de Urrutia, engineer (b. 1887).
1987 - Federico Mompou, composer (b. 1893).
1988 - Santiago Amon, humanist, philosophy and film critic.
1998 - Conrado Blanco, poet and theatre businessman (b. 1913).
2011 - Rufino Foz, politician (b. 1939).