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June 5

Saints Days: Doroteo, Bonifacio, Marcelino, Fausto and Florencio

1486 - The Christian army entered in the Muslim town of Íllora in Granada, following the arrival of Fernando The Catholic

Federico García Lorca - Archive photo

1862 - The Treaty of Saigon saw an end to military action by France and Spain in Indochina
1968 - Javier Cortes Alvarez de Miranda discovers in Pedrosa de la Vega (Palencia) Roman Villa La Olmeda, considered one of the most important archaeological sites of the Hispanic Roman world.
1982 - Spain joined NATO
2007 - ETA renounced their cease fire
2015 - Despite the alleged end of the crisis, the number of evictions in the first quarter this year was 18,869
2018 - ‘Rajoy resigns from the PP: Sánchez formed a Government of experts’
The former prime minister has left it to the party to name a successor, Nadia Calviño leaves the European Commission for the economy portfolio and María Jesús Montero, will occupy the Treasury

1773 - Louis of Etruria, Spanish infant and first King of Etruria.
1813 - Antonio García Gutiérrez, writer
1846 - Zoel García de Galdeano, mathematician (d. 1924).
1871 - Miguel Asín Palacios, writer.
1879 - José Millán Astray, soldier, founder of the Spanish Legion.
1885 - Blas Infante, politician and writer.
1886 - Evaristo Bozas Urrutia, journalist and writer.
1898 - Federico García Lorca poet, playwright and director (Blood Wedding) born in Fuente Vaqueros, Granada (d. 1936)
1911 - Luis Díez del Corral, political scientist (d. 1998).
1914 - Herrerita, footballer (d. 1991).
1920 - Rafael Alonso, actor.
1931 - José Antonio Fernández Romero, translator.
1964 - Uxue Barkos, journalist and deputy.
1969 - Chusa Barbero, actress.
1979 - David Bisbal pop singer, born in Almería
1988 - Lucia Perez, singer. Eurovision 2011 representative based in Dusseldorf
2005 - Irene Urdangarín y de Borbón, Spanish daughter of Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca and granddaughter of Juan Carlos I
2010 - 'Bond girl' actress Gemma Arterton (24) weds Stefano Catelli (37) at a secret ceremony at the hill top village of Zuheros (Córdoba)

1468 - Alfonso de Castilla, infante.
1522 - Antonio de Nebrija, humanist (b. 1441).
1795 - Antonio de Ulloa, naturalist, soldier and writer (b. 1716).
1817 - Luis Lacy y Gautier, solider (b. 1772).
1882 - Antonio Aguilar y Vela, astronomer.
1968 - Enrique Plá y Deniel, Cardinal.
1985 - Paulino Uzcudun, boxer (b. 1899).
1989 - Ernesto Halffter, composer.
1998 - Maria Mercè Marçal, poet, lecturer, storyteller and Catalan translator.
2001 - Pedro Laín Entralgo, medical researcher (b. 1908)