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March 11

Saint’s Day for Eutimio, Ramiro, Cándido and Constantino.

1431 - Pedro Garcia de Herrera, marshal of Castile, conquered the town of Jimena de la Frontera, until then under Moorish rule (although during the fifteenth century changed hands several times between Muslims and Christians).
1526 - in a room of the Alcazar of Sevilla Carlos I and Isabel of Portugal marry in a ceremony officiated by Cardinal Salviati, a legacy of Pope Clement VII.

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1641 - the Guarani Indians who inhabited the Jesuit missions due to the Bandeirantes (explorers and adventurers Portuguese after separation of Portugal from Spain) in the battle of mbororé.
1900 - in the province of Almeria, founded the Monte de Piedad and Caja de Ahorros de Almeria in activity until its integration into Unicaja in 1991.
1918 - The first case of Spanish flu occurs, the start of a devastating worldwide pandemic.
2004 - the worst terrorist attack ever to have been carried out in Spain was in Madrid on 11th March 2004, three days before the general election. 191 people died when bombs exploded in three train stations during the morning rush hour and more than 1800 were injured.
10 bombs in the space of scarcely three minutes: three on a train in Atocha were followed by two in El Pozo and another in Santa Eugenia, and the final four destroyed another train five hundred metres outside Atocha. Twenty one Islamist suspects were sentenced for their part in the massacre in October 2007.
2014 - the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Madrid train bombings

1461 - Diego Hurtado de Mendoza y Luna, 3rd Duke of the Infantado, nicknamed El Grande, (d. 1531)
1513 - Francisco de Salinas (born in Burgos) was a music theorist and organist, noted as among the first to describe meantone temperament in mathematically precise terms, and one of the first (along with Guillaume Costeley) to describe, in effect, 19 equal temperament.
1726 - José Solano y Bote, soldier (d. 1806).
1754 - Juan Meléndez Valdés, poet. (d. 1817)
Juan de la Cierva y Peñafiel - https://es.wikipedia.org/
1864 - Juan de la Cierva y Peñafiel ( born in Mula, Murcia,) politician and lawyer, who served during the reign of Alfonso XIII as Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts, of the Interior, of War, and of Finance and Development, and in the last government of the monarchy as Minister of Development. Cierva was the son of lawyer and notary public Juan de la Cierva y Soto, from Murcia. He married a daughter of the banker Eleuterio Peñafiel, who was active between 1860 and 1896. He graduated in law from the University of Madrid, beginning his political career with the Spanish Partido Liberal-Conservador (English: "Liberal-Conservative Party") as a councillor in 1895, and became the Mayor of Murcia and provincial leader of the Conservatives. In 1896, he was given writ to stand as a deputy congressman for the region of his birth, but failed to be elected. During the Spanish Civil War he took refuge in the embassy of Norway. Because there was no medicine there, and such a deprivation of provisions, he contracted tuberculosis and suffered severe conditions, dying on the 11th of January, 1938.
Benigno Álvares - https://en.wikipedia.org/
1900 - Benigno Álvares, Leader and founder of Galician Communist Party, Galician antifascist activist and partisan against Francisco Franco. This veterinary surgeon became provincial secretary of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) in Ourense (Galicia) and president of the Provincial Peasant Federation, throughout the Second Spanish Republic. After the military coup in 1936 and the overthrow of Galicia by the franquist domain, he was haunted until his death by the local fascists, in 1937. His corpse was then showed by Civil Guard, tied to a truck, with a sign saying "Here's the Maceda's veterinary surgeon.Communism has died in Ourense".
1912 - Xavier Montsalvatge, composer (d. 2002).
1914 - Álvaro del Portillo, prelate of Opus Dei. (d. 1994)
1922 - José Luis López Vázquez, actor, director and comedian (La Cabina, Travels With My Aunt) born in Madrid. (b. 2009)
1927 - Josep Maria Subirachs, sculptor and painter (d. 201
1937 - Carlos Larrañaga, actor in Barcelona (d.2012)
1940 - Alberto Cortez, Argentinian-Spanish singer-songwriter (d. 2019)
1945 - José Martínez Sánchez, nicknamed Pirri, is a former footballer. A central midfielder in the early part of his career, he finished up as a sweeper. He spent the vast majority of his career with Real Madrid, appearing in 561 competitive matches and scoring 172 goals while winning 15 titles.
1963 - Fernando Guillén Cuervo, actor.
1971 - Javier Viñolas is a rower. He competed in the men's coxed four event at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
1978 - Albert Luque, footballer
1978 - Andrés Velencoso, model and actor
1981 - Laia Cañigueral i Olivé sociologist and politician from Cataluña who serves as Member of the Congress of Deputies of Spain.
1984 - Pablo José López Jiménez (born in Málaga), singer and musician.
1997 - Guillermo Campra, actor.

859 - Eulogius of Córdoba, martyr and saint (b. 819)
1857 - Manuel José Quintana, writer (b. 1772).
1858 - Tomás Roda Rodríguez, bishop (b. 1779).
1992 - Joaquín Satrústegui, lawyer and politician (b. 1909).
2000 - Laureano López Rodó, politician (b. 1920).
2001 - Eugenio Jofra Bofarull, comic.
2001 - Xam (Pedro Quetglas Ferrer), painter (b. 1915).
2006 - Jesus Rollan, water polo player.
2006 - Jose Luis San salvador, actor, adapter and director of Spanish dubbing (b 1933.).
2019 - Martín Chirino,  sculptor (b. 1925)