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March 12

Saint’s Day for Inocencio I, Bernardo, Maximiliano and Gregorio Magno.

1354 - Pedro IV of Aragón founds the University of Huesca.
1550 - Several hundred Spanish and indigenous troops under the command of Pedro de Valdivia defeat an army of 60,000 Mapuche at the Battle of Penco during the Arauco War in present-day Chile.
1622 - Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier, founders of the Society of Jesus, are canonised by the Roman Catholic Church

Jesús Gil - Archive Photo

1815 - A decree issued by Fernando VII creates Spain’s first Ministry of Public Security and Police.
1833 - Carlist Wars: Battle of Larremiar (Navarra), in which Espoz and Mina and face Zumalacárregui.
1958 - Conclude the attacks of armed gangs Moroccan Istiqlal party against Spanish garrisons Ifni.
1986 - Spaniards voted yes in a referendum on the country's entry into NATO.
2018 - ‘The Guardia Civil suspect that the assassin of Gabriel did not act alone’ Twelve days after the disappearance of the child, the girlfriend of his father was captured with the cadaver hidden inside a suitcase in her car. Detectives think the boy was murdered shortly after being kidnapped and his body has been stored inside a well. His t-shirt and the fact that the detained had lost her mobile phone made her the number one suspect.

Miguel Gila - photo https://blackiebooks.org/

1919 - Miguel Gila Cuesta, comedian and actor. He appeared in 27 films and television shows between 1954 and 1993.He starred in the film ¡Viva lo imposible!, which was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival.  He spent some time incarcerated in Carabanchel Prison because of having joined the defeated side in the Spanish Civil War.
He became famous in Spain and Latin America with his comic monologues. (d.2001)
1919 - Guillermo Verdejo Vivas, politician. (d. 2011).
1933 - The man who would become Mayor of Marbella and President of Atlético de Madrid, Jesús Gil y Gil, was born in Burgo de Osma, Soria, in 1933. He was the most corrupt Mayor Spain has ever seen, but died before being processed in the Malaya Case.
1934 - Francisco J. Ayala, Spanish-American evolutionary biologist and philosopher (d. 2023) 
1947 - Celso Bugallo Aguiar, is an actor. He appeared in more than forty films since 1999.
1950 - Javier Clemente, football player and trainer.
1965 - Mauro Entrialgo, cartoonist.
1966 - Luis Milla, footballer.
1971 - Max Cortés, porn actor and director
1976 - María Adánez, actress.
1977 - Marián Aguilera, actress.
1979 - Joseph Oliver, writer and specialist in Spanish comics.

636 - Sisenando, king of the Visigoths in Hispania.
1648 - Tirso de Molina, monk dramatist and poet (b. 1571)
1853 - Mateo Orfila, scientist (b. 1787).
1933 - Xabier de Lizardi, Basque poet (b. 1896).
1935 - Patricio Arabolaza, futballer (b. 1895).
1937 - Juan Torrendell, writer.
1979 - Tolchard Evans, British pop pianist, songwriter (Lady of Spain, If) and bandleader, dies aged 76
1984 - Juana Mordo, merchant (b 1899.).
2007 - César Albiñana García-Quintana, judge (b. 1920).
2010 - Miguel Delibes, journalist and author (b. 1920)