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March 23

Saint’s Day for Fidel, Félix and Rebeca.

1508 - Ferdinand signed a capitulation with Juan Diaz de Solis and Vicente Yanez Pinzon, why these undertake to try to find a strait between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
1657 - France and England form alliance against Spain. England gets Dunkirk
1748 - Valencia, an earthquake killed 10,000 people and destroyed the castle of Montesa, headquarters of the military order of the name.

Francisco Largo Caballero - photo www.biografiasyvidas.com

1766 - an uprising known as the Mutiny of Esquilache starts in Madrid against the policies of Carlos III’s Secretary for Taxes, the Marqués of Esquilache.
1808 - Napoleon's brother Joseph takes the throne of Spain
1808 - Napoleon’s brother-in-law, General Joachím Murat, enters Madrid and occupies the city, in the run-up to the Spanish War of Independence.
1844 - The Queen Mother Maria Cristina returns to Madrid after her exile
1860 - the last great battle of the African War between Spain and Morocco takes place at Wad-Ras, with a victory for Spain.
1910 - in the Canary Islands, feminists present their candidacy for the elections, but they will not be chosen as an act of denunciation of political exclusion to which women are subjected.
1910 - Spanish in certain populations, vehicles are authorized to circulate on Thursday and Friday.
1915 - the university in Murcia granted the Royal Decree.
1923 - Seville cantata El retablo de Maese Pedro, the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla premieres.
1927 - the poet Antonio Machado is elected to a chair in the Royal Spanish Academy.
1931 - Spain granted parole for the signatories of the revolutionary manifesto.
1965 - Joaquin Merino gets the Café Gijón Prize for his novel The Island.
1981 - Spain constitutes a single command to fight terrorism, formed by the armed forces, national police and civil guard, whose primary objective is the dismantling of ETA.
1987 - are declared threatened Tables Daimiel (Spain) due to fire and excessive drilling.
1987 - The Spanish prosecutor presented a lawsuit against Lola Flores for alleged tax evasion.
1990 - the Spanish trapeze artist Pinito del Oro won the 1990 National Circus Award, first awarded by the Ministry of Culture.
1992 - Presentation to the media of the new Spanish high-speed train AVE, which runs 317 km from Madrid to Adamuz (Córdoba), and reaches a speed of 300 km/h.
1997 - San Sebastian, thousands of protesters -convocados by the organization gesture by Paz, calling for the end of ETA violence and the release of the prison officer José Antonio Ortega Lara (carrying kidnapped 431 days) and businessman Cosme Delclaux (132 days).
1997 - Asturian poet Angel Gonzalez entered the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language with the speech "The other solitudes of Antonio Machado, to occupy the chair P (uppercase), desert after the death of anthropologist and historian Julio Caro Baroja.
2005 - the city of Guadalajara (Spain) removed the statues of the dictator Francisco Franco and the Falange founder Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.
2005 - Spanish scientists describe for the first time, the structure of the poxvirus.

1643 - Mary of Jesus de León y Delgado, Dominican lay sister and mystic was a 17th-century Spanish Dominican lay sister, a mystic and visionary, known popularly as "La Siervita" (the Little Servant) in the Canary Islands. She lived a life that was austere and simple. Many miracles were attributed to her, such as levitation, ecstasy, bilocation, stigmata, and clairvoyance and healing.
De León died with a reputation for sanctity. She is one of the most revered of the native people of the Canary Islands, together with Peter of Saint Joseph Betancur and José de Anchieta. The cause for her canonization has been submitted to the Holy See for review. She is designated as a Servant of God. (d. 1731)
1852 - Domingo Rivero, poet. (d. 1929)
1887 - Juan Gris, painter and sculptor (d. 1927)
1895 - Alejandro Goicoechea Omar (his first surname is also spelled Goikoetxea)  engineer. (d. 1984)
1903 - Alejandro Casona, dramatologist 
1957 - Nieves Herrero, journalist.
1963 - Míchel,(José Miguel González)footballer and manager
1968 - Fernando Hierro, footballer and manager
1969 - Juan Ramón López Caro, footballer and manager
1972 - Nuria Roca, journalist and presenter.
1974 - Jaume Collet-Serra is a Spanish-American film director and producer. He directed the horror films House of Wax (2005), Orphan (2009), and The Shallows (2016), as well as the Liam Neeson-led thriller films Unknown (2011), Non-Stop (2014), Run All Night (2015), and The Commuter (2018). Collet-Serra also directed the Dwayne Johnson-led films, Jungle Cruise (2021), based on the eponymous theme park attraction from Disney, and Black Adam (2022), based on the comic book character of the same name from DC.
1990 - Jaime Alguersuari, Fórmula 1 driver

1369 - Pedro I de Castilla, King between 1350 and 1369.
1613 - Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont, soldier and inventor (b. 1553).
1779 - Antonio Gómez de la Torre, bishop (b. 1711).
1849 - Andrés Manuel del Río, scientist (b. 1764).
1866 - Juan José Lerena y Barry, sailor (b. 1796).
1900 - Lorenzo Casanova Ruiz, painter (b. 1844).
1946 - Francisco Largo Caballero, President of the government in the Second Spanish Republic, and one of the historic leaders of PSOE and the UGT union, died in exile in Paris, after spending much of World War II in a Nazi concentration camp.
1972 - Cristóbal Balenciaga, Spanish fashion designer, founded Balenciaga (b. 1895)
1994 - Álvaro del Portillo, Bishop (b. 1914).
2006 - The Basque film director, Eloy de la Iglesia, died after complications set in following surgery for renal cancer.
2009 - Carlos Semprún Maura, writer, dramatist and journalist (b. 1926).
2011 - Juan Carlos Eguillor Uribarri, cartoonist, painter and Spanish engraver (b 1947.).
2014 - Adolfo Suárez, Spanish lawyer and politician, 1st Prime Minister of Spain (1976-81) dies from a respiratory infection (b. 1932)