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March 26

Saint’s Day for Braulio, Félix, Casiano, Teodoro, Eugenia and Tecla.

631 - in the Iberian Peninsula, Hispanics and people under the leadership of Sisenando with the help of the Frankish king Dagobert, defeat and depose the Visigoth king Suintila.
717 - in Asturias, 519 nobles proclaim Don Pelayo first king.
1091 - Almorávides enter Córdoba.
1244 - the treaty of Almizra is signed between the crowns of Aragón and Castilla to determine the two kingdoms’ lines of expansion in their attempts to reconquer lands held by the Moorish occupiers.
1344 - The Siege of Algeciras, one of the first European military engagements where gunpowder was used, comes to an end.
1651 - Silver-loaded Spanish ship San José is pushed south by strong winds, subsequently it wrecks in the coast of southern Chile and its serving crew is killed by indigenous Cuncos 

Alfonso XI of Castilla Picture www.arteguias.com
1712 - Felipe V, for the sake of peace pact with England granting commercial advantages in America, among others, privileged conditions for their boats in Cadiz, seat slaves for thirty years and an area in the Rio de la Plata " save and refresh "the black slaves before selling them.
1766 - The Marquis de Esquilache is dismissed because of the riot started three days earlier.
1808 - Carlos IV abdicates in favour of his son Ferdinand VII
1901 - Banco de Vizcaya was founded in Bibalo.
1926 - the Oviedo football club Real Oviedo is born with the fusion of Real Stadium Club Ovetense and Real Club Deportivo de Oviedo.
1937 - In Mediano the first prison camp of the Spanish Republic was inaugurated. Prisoners helped to build a reservoir, contributing to watering of the Monegros.
1939 - Spanish Civil War: Nationalists begin their final offensive of the war.
1968 - in the Eurovision Song Contest, singer Joan Manuel Serrat is officially replaced by Massiel.
2018 -‘The fall of Puigdemont liquidates the farce of the Government in exile’ after his detention in Germany after crossing the border from Denmark. The German judiciary will study extraditing him to Spain to be processed for the crime of rebellion. A dozen Spanish secret agents were following the fugitive since he left Helsinki.

Portrait of María Luisa de Orleans by Pierre Mignard
wearing the Fleur-de-lis, showing her dignity as a Grand daughter of France and the Spanish crown
1662 - Marie Louise d'Orléans (Spanish: María Luisa de Orleans) was Queen of Spain as the wife of King Charles II. She was born petite-fille de France as the daughter of Philippe I, Duke of Orléans and Princess Henrietta of England. Marie became the Queen of Spain on 19 November 1679, and remained in her post until her death in 1689 from the presumed cause of appendicitis.(d. 1689)
1717 - Manuel Jeronimo Romero de Avila, theorist and composer, born in Las Herencias, Toledo (d. 1779)
1871 - Serafín Álvarez Quintero, comedian.
1909 - Paco Bienzobas, footballer (d. 1981).
1930 - Cristóbal Halffter, conductor and composer (Yes, speak out, yes Lazarus) born in Madrid (d. 2021)
1935 - Peret, singer.
1935 - Manuel Summers, filmmaker (d. 1993).
1949 - Francisco  Aguilar, football forward (3 caps Real Madrid) born in Santander (d. 2020)
1952 - Pedro J. Ramírez, journalist and writer, editor of El Mundo.
1959 - Raimundo Amador, flamenco singer and guitarist.
1962 - Luis López Rekarte, footballer.
1963 - The actress Ampara Larrañaga, daughter of Carlos Larrañaga, was born in Madrid.
1979 - Nacho Novo, footballer (Rangers) born in Ferrol
1982 - Mikel Arteta, footballer and manager (Arsenal) born in San Sebastían
1983 - Toni Elías, motorbike rider.
1998 - Omar Ayuso actor (Elite) born in Madrid

1350 - Alfonso XI of Castilla, a victim of the Black Death, in the midst of a siege to try and recapture Gibraltar from the Moors.
1566 - Antonio de Cabezón, Spanish organist and composer (b. 1510)
1836 - Gregorio Ceruelo la Fuente, priest (b. 1755).
1844 - Agustín Argüelles, lawyer, politician and Spanish diplomat. Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council.
1941 - Salvador Alarm, set designer and decorator.
2003 - José Tamayo, director of theatre.
2005 - Antonio Téllez Solá, historian, anarchist and journalist