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March 29

Saint’s Day for Segundo and Jonás.

1935 - Sevilla the first day of the violent events of Aznalcóllar takes place.
1939 - Murcia is taken by the Nationalist side in the Spanish Civil War.
1956 - Juan Carlos de Borbón, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, accidentally kills his younger brother, Alfonso de Borbón y Borbón, in a shooting accident at the family residence in Estoril, Portugal.

"Carlos María Isidro" by Vicente López Portaña (autor del original, es desconocido si Tambien pintó este) - [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org

1969 - 14th Eurovision Song Contest: Salome for Spain (Vivo Cantando), Lulu of the UK (Boom Bang-Bang), Lenny Kuhr of Netherlands (De troubadour) and Frida Boccara of France (Un jour, un enfant) all win in Madrid
1980 - 13 year old José Piris Caballo dies in an ETA car bomb attack in Azkoitia, Guipúzcoa.
1985 - a political agreement is reached on the accession of Spain and Portugal into the European Economic Community.
1992 - the three main leaders of the ETA terrorist organisation are arrested in Bidart, France.
2016 - Cesar Alierta resigned – leaving the telecommunications company with 332 million phone lines and 126,000 employees. Alierta has left Telefónica ready for the digital global battle. José María Álvarez-Pallete will take the presidency of the sixth operator in the world of telecommunications, prepared to compete with the giants on the internet.

1788 - Carlos María Isidro de Borbón, brother of Fernando VII and pretender to the Spanish throne as Carlos V, was born in Madrid.
1915 - Antonio Hernández Gil, politician(d. 1994).
1922 - Francisco Rodriguez Adrados, philologist.
1930 - Francisco de Moxó y de Montoliu, historian (d.2007).
1968 - The model and actress, Esther Arroyo, Miss España of 1990 was born in Cádiz.
1974 - Catalan Formula One driver, Marc Gené, in Sabadell, Barcelona.
1976 - Igor Astarloa, cyclist
1978 - Francisco Javier Farinós, footballer.
1979 - Estela Giménez, gymnast

1675 - Juana de la Cruz, Spanish beata.
1956 - Alfonso de Bourbon and Bourbon the Sicilies, Infant of Spain, younger brother of King Juan Carlos, dies from an accidental gunshot aged 14
2012 - Jorge Villalmanzo, writer. (b. 1960)
2019 - Josep Esteve i Soler, pharmaceutical executive (b. 1930)