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March 3

Saint’s Day for Marino, Asterio, Félix, Emeterio and Celedonio.

1478 - the Catholic Monarchs posted a pragmatic to boost the shipbuilding industry in their kingdoms.
1522 - the royal troops enter Valencia, where the head of the revolt of the Germanies, Vicente Peris, is executed.
1547 - Zaragoza works of the temple La Seo begin.
1904 - a law establishing Sunday as an official day of rest is passed in Spain.

1879 - The first total crisis of government's reign of Alfonso XII takes place.
1879 - Antonio Canovas del Castillo was replaced as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Spain by Arsenio Martínez-Campos Anton.
1891 - The Madrid Bank of Spain building is inaugurated.
1899 - Francisco Silvela is commissioned for the first time to form a government in Spain.
1903 - Murcia goes on sale for the first time the newspaper La Verdad, which is distributed in Murcia, Valencian and Castilian-La Mancha regions.
1904 - Enactment of the law establishing Sunday rest.
1906 - The demolition of the walls of Cadiz begins, with the primary aim of alleviating the labor crisis.
1931 - Spain constitutes the party Constitutional Center, formed by Cambo and the Duke of Maura, among others.
1941 - held in Barcelona the First Salon of the Spanish Fashion.
1964 - opened in Bilbao the Third Technical Fair of the machine tool.
1965 - opened in Bilbao the First Fair of the Electrical Industry and Machinery Lifting and Transport.
1971 - gubernatorial sanction to the Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bardem.
1975 - assault in Spain against the monument of the Cross of the Fallen.
1976 - Five workers die and more than 100 are injured during a general strike in Spain when police try to dissolve a workers’ assembly taking place in a church in Vitoria.
1978 - Spanish boxer Alfredo Evangelista is proclaimed European champion heavyweight.
1990 - Spain’s second private television channel, Telecinco, starts broadcasting.
1996 - the Partido Popular wins the general election in Spain, ending more than 13 years of Socialist government.
2005 - in the Montes de Toledo a population of Iberian lynx believed extinct for fifteen years is detected.

1788 - Fernando Estévez was a Spanish sculptor of the 18th century from La Orotava, Tenerife. He is considered one of the Canary Islands most noted sculptors.It is known for being the creator of the image of the Virgin of Candelaria, patron saint of the Canary Islands. (d. 1854)
1886 - José Isbert, actor (d. 1966).
1889 - Victoria Kent, politician (d. 1987).
Bethune in 1916  - https://en.wikipedia.org/
1890 - Dr. Norman Bethune was a Canadian thoracic surgeon, early advocate of socialised medicine, and member of the Communist Party of Canada. Bethune came to international prominence first for his service as a frontline trauma surgeon supporting the Republican government during the Spanish Civil War, and later supporting the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Eighth Route Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Bethune helped bring modern medicine to rural China, treating both sick villagers and wounded soldiers. Bethune was responsible for developing a mobile blood-transfusion service for frontline operations in the Spanish Civil War. He later died of blood poisoning after accidentally cutting his finger while operating on wounded Chinese soldiers.  Bethune's service to the CCP earned him the respect of Mao Zedong, who wrote a eulogy dedicated to Bethune when he died in 1939. His name is honored in China to this day. (d. 1939)
1891 - Federico Moreno Torroba, guitarist and composer (Luisa Fernanda) conductor and music promoter, born in Madrid (d. 1982)
1897 - José Moreno Gans, composer born in Algemesí (d. 1976)
1904 - Gabriel Arias-Salgado, politician (d. 1962).
1932 - Gabriel Ferraté Pascual, engineer.
1933 - Alfredo Landa, the actor who perhaps became best known for his role in the Mario Camus film ‘Los Santos Inocentes,’ was born in Pamplona. (d, 2013)
1958 - Marcos Valcárcel, historian and writer (d. 2010).
1960 - Eva Almunia, politician
1963 - Martín Fiz, runner
1968 - Aitor Garmendia, cyclist.
1974 - Ada Colau, now Mayor of Barcelona.
1979 - Albert Jorquera, footballer.
1983 - Igor Antón, cyclist.

1459 - Ausiàs March, poet (b. 1397).
1603 - Antonio de Villacastín, foreman of the work of the Monastery of El Escorial (b 1512.).
1993 - The internationally-renowned flamenco guitarist, Carlos Montoya, died in New York.
2013 - Pepe Sancho, actor (b. 1944).
2019 - Martí Galindo, actor (b. 1937)
2019 - José García Ladrón de Guevara, politician (b. 1929)