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March 30

Saint’s Day for Juan Clímaco, Víctor, Domnino and Quirino.

1493 - the Catholic Monarchs, following the return of Christopher Columbus, prohibit travel to America without license.
1534 - in England, King Henry VIII gives royal assent to the Act of Succession passed by parliament, invalidating his marriage with Katherine of Aragón and declaring his daughter with her, Princess Mary, as illegitimate. The Infanta Catalina de Aragón y Castilla, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic Kings, died at Kimbolton Castle less than two years later.
1544 - Sevilla, Dominican Father Bartolome de las Casas is consecrated bishop of Chiapas (Mexico).
1615 - Cervantes receives royal authorization for the printing of the second part of Don Quixote.

"Ferdinand VII of Spain (1814) by Goya" by Francisco Goya - http://www.museodelprado.es/en/the-collection/online-gallery/on-line-gallery/obra/fernando-vii-at-camp/. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

1830 - Fernando VII issues the Pragmatic Sanction, ratifying an earlier decree issued in 1789 by Carlos IV, allowing women to succeed to the throne, and sowing the seeds for the Carlist Wars.
1845 - Spain recognised the independence of Venezuela.
1880 - The Madrid railway station Las Delicias is opened.
1901 - Spain and Japan sign a trade agreement
1907 - Spanish Cortes dissolved.
1920 - In Madrid the lock out arises in the construction industry.
1922 - throughout Spain constitutional guarantees are restored.
1924 - Barcelona two people die intoxicated by heroin.
1929 - Madrid is performed for the first time the night procession of Silence, organized by the congregation of Caballeros del Pilar.
1935 - second and last day of the Events of Aznalcóllar.
1938 - Juan Negrin assumes the portfolio of the Ministry of War.
1939 - during the Spanish Civil War, Franco's troops occupy Valencia.
1950 - Annexed from the capital of Spain the municipalities of Canillas, Canillejas and Hortaleza.
1950 - the court of the international zone of Tangier sentencing in the case of introduction of weapons into the Spanish territory of Morocco. The main defendant was sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment and 50,000 francs fine and other penalties under processed.
1976 - in the Basque Country -after 40 years of Franco dictatorship the Basque language is used in the municipality of San Sebastián.
1979 - Adolfo Suarez is invested Spanish prime minister, after obtaining the vote of confidence of Congress.
1980 - in Azkoitia (Guipúzcoa), José María Piris child Carballo, 13 years old, died after being hit by the explosion of a charge laid by the terrorist group ETA under the car of a policeman.
1980 - the first in Guernica Basque Parliament is without the presence of the group Herri Batasuna (HB).
1983 - San Sebastian (Basque Country) held a mass demonstration under the slogan "No to terrorism '.
1984 - Europe buys Roland anti-aircraft missiles worth 30,000 million pesetas.
1985 - the Central Committee of the Spanish Communist Party parliamentary spokesman dismisses as its historic leader Santiago Carrillo.
1987 - Madrid's trial begins rape, poisoning by denatured oil group, which killed more than 900 people and affected nearly 20,000.
1992 - Police arrest in France with the collaboration of the Spanish Civil Guard, the three top leaders of the terrorist group ETA: Francisco Mugica Garmendia, Joseba Aguirre and Jose Luis Alvarez Erostarbe Santacristina, and seven other people.
2002 - Torredembarra (Tarragona), a railway accident causes 2 dead and 90 wounded.
2003 - in the final of Cayo Biscayne, Andre Agassi overcomes the Spanish Carlos Moya.
2006 - in Alzira (Valencia) custody of a minor triggers a shootout between two families. Four people are killed and five injured.
2015 - Luis Bárcenas singled out PP administrators as supposedly responsible for the B account

1135 - Maimónides, rabbi and philosopher (d. 1204).
1468 - Diego García de Paredes, solider (d. 1533).
1510 - Antonio de Cabezón, composer and organist (d. 1566)
1743 - Diego José de Cádiz, priest (d. 1801).
1746 - Francisco Goya, court painter and etcher (The Second of May 1808) born in Fuendetodos (d. 1828).
1756 - Juan Antonio Llorente, political and ecclesiastical(d. 1823).
1915 - Quico Sabaté, anarquista (d. 1960).
1924 - José María Martínez Cachero, professor and writer (d. 2010).
1925 - José María Martín Patino, teólogo español.
1928 - Tom Sharpe, English-Spanish author and educator (d. 2013)
1943 - Alfonso Ungría, film maker.
1944 - Javier Krahe, singer songwriter.
1949 - José María Mato de la Paz, biochemist and researcher.
1951 - Manuel Campo Vidal, journalist.
1956 - Juanito Oiarzabal, mountain climber
1963 - Ximo  Tebar, jazz and flamenco guitarist and composer (Goes Blue) born in Valencia
1970 - Mark Consuelos, American actor (All My Children 1996- 1001,2010- Mateo Santos) and husband of Kelly Ripa, born in Zaragoza
1982 - Javier Portillo, footballer
1986 - Sergio Ramos, footballer
1990 - Juan Carlos Pérez López, footballer

1871 - the famous bandit Diego Corrientes dies executed
1936 - Conchita Supervía, soprano and actress (b. 1895)
2003 - Ignacio Echarri, footballer (b. 1932).
2003 - Alejandro Lozano, artist (b. 1939).
2006 - Simón Sánchez Montero, politician (b. 1915).
2008 - Sergio Luyk, basketball player (b. 1971).
2013 - Francisco Javier López Peña, a member of the terrorist group ETA (b 1958.)
2013 - Luis Martinez Noval, politician (b 1948.)
2019 - Paloma Cela, actress (b. 1943)