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March 4

Saint’s Day for Basilio, Eugenio, Cirilo, Casimiro and Elpidio.

1493 - Explorer Christopher Columbus arrives back in Lisbon, Portugal, aboard his ship Niña from his voyage to what are now The Bahamas and other islands in the  Caribbean
1519 - Hernán Cortés arrives in Mexico in search of the Aztec civilisation and its wealth
1606 - The Spanish Court returns to Madrid, after spending some time in Valladolid.
1810 - Malaga arrives King Joseph Bonaparte, after taking the city.
1812 - the first lottery draw takes place in Cádiz in the fore-runner to today’s National Lottery.

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1861 - Spain accepts the offer of Santo Domingo to join the monarchy. The annexation lasted four years.
1923 - In a solemn session at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Madrid, Alfonso XIII gives the title of academician the German physicist Albert Einstein.
1930 - Barcelona, the first Spanish Professor of Occupational Medicine, created by the provincial government of Barcelona was inaugurated.
1934 - The JONS y Spanish Falange merged.
1937 - libraries are created in the Spanish secondary education institutes.
1947 - Sevilla issues flood catastrophe alert.
1966 - in Barcelona Graphispack-66 (Monographic Exhibition of Graphic Arts and Packaging and Bottling) was inaugurated.
1968 - Barcelona, Pablo Picasso donated to the museum that bears his name his extraordinary series of paintings inspired by Las Meninas.
1974 - Spain and Nicaragua signed an agreement for economic cooperation.
1975 - First meeting of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization, held in Madrid, a city that is designated headquarters of the institution.
1979 - the first ever strike by football players takes place in Spain
1980 - the Audiencia Nacional dictates conviction against those involved in the killing of labor lawyers Atocha Street. The perpetrators of mass murder are sentenced to 193 years each and the accomplices and inducers to prison terms ranging from 1 to 73 years in prison.
1984 - Murcia, bribery of journalists force the resignation of Hernandez Ros as regional president.
1990 - A new law driving circulation approved, with much tougher sanctions.
2016 - ‘The Infanta declared her husband did everything’. Cristina de Borbón denied responding to the accusers questions. Said she ignored Aizoon accounts and believed in the innocence of her husband.

1188 - Blanche of Castile, wife of Louis VIII of France, regent to son Louis IX, born in Palencia (d. 1252)
1741 - Casimiro Gómez Ortega, botanist and pharmacist (d.1818)

1786 - Agustina de Aragón, heroine who defended Spain during the Peninsular War, first as a civilian and later as a professional officer in the Spanish Army. Known as "the Spanish Joan of Arc," she has been the subject of much folklore, mythology, and artwork, including sketches by Francisco Goya and the poetry of Lord Byron.  (d.1857)
1864 - Alejandro Lerroux García was a Spanish politician who was the leader of the Radical Republican Party. He served as Prime Minister three times from 1933 to 1935 and held several cabinet posts as well. A highly charismatic politician, he was distinguished by his demagogical and populist political style. (d, 1949)
1889 - Francisco Asorey, Born in Cambados, Galicia, he was one of the most important Spanish sculptors of the early 20th century. 
He studied and began work as a religious sculptor in Sarriá, Barcelona, and continued in Barakaldo, Euskadi. He lived and worked in Madrid from 1909 to 1918; then in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, until his death in 1961.
1899 - Emilio Prados, poet and author (d.1962)
1904 - Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, named President of the Franco government in June 1973, and killed in an ETA bomb attack in December that year, was born in Cantabria. (d. 1973)
1907 - Maria Branyas, the oldest living person, as of 4 March 2024
1915 - Carlos Surinach, Spanish-Catalan composer  most notably of ballet music (Feast of Ashes) and conductor, born in Barcelona (d. 1997)
1923 - Cristóbal Zaragoza, writer.
1924 - José Antonio de la Loma, filmmaker.
1929 - Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, composer, born in Manresa
1930 - Federico García Moliner, physicist and researcher.
1937 - José Araquistáin, goalkeeper.
1946 - Paloma Cela, actress
1949 - Francisco Ruiz Miguel, bullfighter.
1953 - Agustí Villaronga, filmmaker.
1960 - Eduardo Fraile, poet and editor.
1962 - Miriam Díaz Aroca, actress.
1962 - Santiago Rubio, guitarist (Ángeles del infierno).
1965 - Pepa Fernández, journalist.
1970 - Àlex Crivillé, motorcycle racer. In 1992 he became the first Spaniard to win a 500cc Grand Prix and, in 1999 he became the first Spaniard to win the 500cc World Championship.
1981 - Aketza Peña, cyclist
1990 - Fran Mérida, footballer
1991 - Carles Planas, footballer

1811 - Rafael Menacho, soldier.
1957 - Eloy Bullón Fernández, philosopher (b. 1879).
1976 - Antonio Iturmendi Bañales, Carlist (b 1903.).
1992 - Néstor Almendros, cinematographer and director (b. 1930)
1993 - The famous Copla singer, Miguel de Molina, died in Buenos Aires at the age of 84.
2003 - Aníbal Ramos, políitician (b. 1945).
2004 - Fernando Lázaro Carreter, Philologist.
2005 - Rafael Montesinos, considered one of Andalucía’s greatest post-war poets.
2006 - José Iranzo, "Anzo", painter.