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March 6

Saint’s Day for Marciano, Olegario and Víctor.

1479 - The Treaty of Alcáçovas, Portugal delivery in Castile, the Canary Islands in exchange for possessions in West Africa is signed.
1521 - Magellan discovers Guam, the island’s first known contact with the western world.
1714 - the peace treaty ending the struggles between France and Austria in the War of Spanish Succession is signed.
1728 - Madrid Convention of El Pardo, which means the failure of the Spanish alliance with Austria and acceptance, again, the Treaty of Utrecht is signed.
1812 - In today's Venezuela, the forces of Spaniard Captain Domingo Monteverde take Caracas.
1862 - in Spain Alcazar of Segovia, home of the Academy of Artillery fire during the reign of Carlos III.
1900 - the Canary Islands is declared free port, after being ratified by law a statement about 1852.

Real Madrid Football Club 1920 - wikipedia

1902 - the Sociedad Madrid Foot-Ball Club is officially founded, becoming Real Madrid FC in 1920.
1920 - at the National Library (Madrid) Hall of Cervantes is inaugurated.
1926 - Barcelona is dissolved by royal order the Board of the Bar Association and appointing a new one.
1929 - from the Spanish Theater of Madrid transmitted radio for the first time a theatrical premiere, the work Bonfires of San Juan (of Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena).
1929 - Tetuan - Madrid metropolitan line was inaugurated Cuatro Caminos.
1938 - Cartagena (Spain), the republican square sinks warship of the Balearic national troops. 788 perish in the wreck of her crew.
1972 - Barcelona, Spain, an explosion took place in a building (corner Captain Arenas -. Sta Amelia) that killed 19 people. Initially it attributed to a natural gas leak, but later reports of the College of Engineering of Barcelona denied it.
2002 - The Real Club Deportivo Coruna wins the Copa del Rey on the centenary of Real Madrid

1405 - Juan II de Castilla, Castilla King between 1406 and 1454 (d. 1454).
Anonymous portrait of Juan Luis Vives, Museo del Prado
1493 - Juan Luis Vives i March, was a Spanish (Valencian) scholar and Renaissance humanist who spent most of his adult life in the Southern Netherlands. His beliefs on the soul, insight into early medical practice, and perspective on emotions, memory and learning earned him the title of the "father" of modern psychology. Vives was the first to shed light on some key ideas that established how we perceive psychology today. (d. 1540)
1805 - William Schulz, Spanish-German engineer (d. 1877).
1862 - Guerrita, bullfighter.
1904 - José Antonio Aguirre, the first lehendakari, the President of the Basque government, was born in Bilbao. (d. 1960)
1930 - The prize-winning poet, novelist, journalist, essayist, and short story writer, Fernando Quiñones, was born in Chiclana, Cádiz province.
1936 - Angelino Fons, writer and filmmaker.
1939 - Infanta Margarita of Spain, Duchess of Soria, 2nd Duchess of Hernani, Grandee of Spain (Margarita María de la Victoria Esperanza Jacoba Felicidad Perpetua de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Borbón), is the younger sister of King Juan Carlos and aunt of the reigning King Felipe VI of Spain.
1964 - Sandro Rosell i Feliu, president of the Football Club Barcelona.
1969 - Álvaro Fernández Armero, filmmaker.
1977 - Paquillo Fernández, runner.
1987 - Chico Flores, footballer
1988 - Paloma Bloyd, actress
1990 - Clara Lago, actress

1531 - Pedro Arias Dávila, explorer and diplomat (b. 1440)
1845 - Melitón Pérez del Camino, admiral.
1902 - Antonio Vico y Pintos, actor.
1924 - August Font i Carreras, architect (b. 1846).
1938 - Pachín de Melás, writer.
1958 - Teodoro Bardají Mas, food writer and chef.
1965 - Eduardo Hernández-Pacheco, geologist and archaeologist (b. 1872).
1989 - Agustín Millares Sall, poet (b. 1917).
2007 - José Luis Coll, comic (b. 1931).
2012 - Marquitos, footballer (b. 1930).