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May 1

Saints days – José Artesano, Amador y Segismundo.

International workers’ day.
1243 - Alfonso X of Castile, being still an infant, conquered the city of Murcia of the Muslims.
1285 - Muslim troops of Ayyad Al-Asseni attacked the castle at Sanlúcar de Barrameda killing a great number of Christians, but failing to capture the castle.
1486 - Christopher Columbus presents his plans discovering a western route to the Indies to the Spanish Queen Isabella 1 of Castile
1725 - Spain and Austria sign trade treaty
1794 - War of the Pyrenees: The Battle of Boulou ends, in which French forces defeat the Spanish and regain nearly all the land they lost to Spain in 1793.

Remedios Amaya - Photo www.sonlatino.net

1898 . Spanish–American War: Battle of Manila Bay: The Asiastic Squadron of the United States Navy destorys the Pacific Squadron of the Spanish Navy after a seven-hour battle. Spain loses all seven of its ships, and 381 Spanish sailors die. There are no American vessel losses or combat deaths
1890 - Anarchist unions called a general strike in Barcelona in demand of an eight hour working day.
1977 - French runner Chantel Langlacé sets female world marathon record (2:35:15.4) in Oyarzun
2007 - One of the most destructive gas explosions seen in Spain took place in Palencia – nine died and there was widespread damage.

1531 - Catalina Tomás, nun.
1806 - Modesto Lafuente, historian and writer.
1818 - José Amador de los Ríos, historian and poet, born in Barcelona (d. 1878)
1828 - Adelardo López de Ayala, writer (d. 1879).
1852 - Santiago Ramón y Cajal, histologist (central nervous system) and nuerosceintist (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1906) born in Petilla de Aragón (d. 1934)
1867 - Ángel Ayala, Priest (d. 1960).
1881 - Francisco Regalado Rodríguez, soldier (d. 1958).
1896 - Pere Reus Bordoy, judge and politican (d. 1938).
1931 - Isabel Osca, actress (d. 2011).
1962 - Remedios Amaya, singer
1965 - Andréi Xepkin, Spanish basketball player of Ukrainian origin.
1969 - José Miguel Arroyo Delgado (Joselito), bullfighter.
1976 - Hate (Sergio Rodríguez Fernández), musician and MC.
1982 - Tommy Robredo, tennis player (12 ATP titles) born in Hostalric
1983 - Fran Vázquez, basketball player.
1989 - Alejandro Arribas, footballer.

1539 - Isabella of Portugal, Queen consort of Spain, Queen of the Romans, and Lady of the Netherlands (1526-39), and Holy Roman Emperss and Queen of Italy (1530-39) died aged 35
1904 - Augusto González de Linares, geologist and zoologist (b. 1845).
1968 - Demetrio Carceller Segura, politician (b. 1894).
1981 - Rafael Aizpún, politician (b. 1889).
2007 - Fermín Trueba, cyclist (b. 1915).
2011 - Agustín García-Gasco, Cardinal (b. 1931).