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May 1

Saints days – José Artesano, Amador y Segismundo.

International workers’ day.
1243 - Alfonso X of Castile, being still an infant, conquered the city of Murcia of the Muslims.
1285 - Muslim troops of Ayyad Al-Asseni attacked the castle at Sanlúcar de Barrameda killing a great number of Christians, but failing to capture the castle.
1486 - Christopher Columbus presents his plans discovering a western route to the Indies to the Spanish Queen Isabella 1 of Castile
1725 - Spain and Austria sign trade treaty
1794 - War of the Pyrenees: The Battle of Boulou ends, in which French forces defeat the Spanish and regain nearly all the land they lost to Spain in 1793.

Remedios Amaya - Photo www.sonlatino.net

1898 . Spanish–American War: Battle of Manila Bay: The Asiatic Squadron of the United States Navy destroys the Pacific Squadron of the Spanish Navy after a seven-hour battle. Spain loses all seven of its ships, and 381 Spanish sailors die. There are no American vessel losses or combat deaths
1890 - Anarchist unions called a general strike in Barcelona in demand of an eight hour working day.
1977 - French runner Chantel Langlacé sets female world marathon record (2:35:15.4) in Oyarzun
1995- The theme park Port Aventura in Salou, Cataluña is opened
2007 - One of the most destructive gas explosions seen in Spain took place in Palencia – nine died and there was widespread damage.

1531 - Catalina Tomás, nun.
1806 - Modesto Lafuente, historian and writer.
1818 - José Amador de los Ríos, historian and poet, born in Barcelona (d. 1878)
1828 - Adelardo López de Ayala, writer (d. 1879).
1852 - Santiago Ramón y Cajal, histologist (central nervous system) and neuroscientist (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1906) born in Petilla de Aragón (d. 1934)
1867 - Ángel Ayala, Priest (d. 1960).
1881 - Francisco Regalado Rodríguez, soldier (d. 1958).
1896 - Pere Reus Bordoy, judge and politician (d. 1938).
1931 - Isabel Osca, actress (d. 2011).
1962 - Remedios Amaya, singer
1965 - Andréi Xepkin, Spanish basketball player of Ukrainian origin.
1969 - José Miguel Arroyo Delgado (Joselito), bullfighter.
1970 - Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla current President of the Junta de Andalucía. Due to the rejection by Vox of the 2022 budget, Moreno called for snap elections. In the 2022 autonomous elections, PP got an absolute majority with 58 seats, stopping Vox and defeating PSOE in its former stronghold.
1976 - Hate (Sergio Rodríguez Fernández), musician and MC.
1982 - Tommy Robredo, tennis player (12 ATP titles) born in Hostalric
1983 - Fran Vázquez, basketball player.
1989 - Alejandro Arribas, footballer.

1539 - Isabella of Portugal, Queen consort of Spain, Queen of the Romans, and Lady of the Netherlands (1526-39), and Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Italy (1530-39) died aged 35
1904 - Augusto González de Linares, geologist and zoologist (b. 1845).
1968 - Demetrio Carceller Segura, politician (b. 1894).
1981 - Rafael Aizpún, politician (b. 1889).
2007 - Fermín Trueba, cyclist (b. 1915).
2011 - Agustín García-Gasco, Cardinal (b. 1931).