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May 10

Saints Days: Juan de Ávila, Antonio and Félix.

1026 - The Generals Muyahid and Jayran entered Córdoba
1503 - Christopher Columbus visits the Cayman Islands and names them Las Tortugas after the numerous turtles there.

Manuel Santana wining Wimbledon in 1966 - Photo tennis-progostics.com

1655 - England, with troops under the command of Admiral William Penn and General Robert Venables, annexes Jamaica from Spain.
1713 - The Sálica law, prohibiting women from accessing the throne was introduced in Spain
1720 - Construction started on the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca
1808 - Fernando VII renounced his rights to the Spanish throne, in Bayonne
1840 - The first Spanish trade union – the Sociedad de Tejedores was founded
1841 - Cortes named General Espartero regent of Spain.
1886 - Opens the first Cortes of the Regency of Maria Cristina, widow of Alfonso XII of Spain.
1891 - The first number of the illustrated magazine Black and White, founded by Torcuato Luca de Tena and Alvarez Ossorio is published.
1920 - An exhibition of old fans was opened in Madrid
1924 - King Alfonso XIII opened an official car exhibition
1936 - Second Spanish Republic in the court appoints president Manuel Azana.
1937 - Barcelona press censorship established.
1944 - in Valencia is inaugurated the XXII International Exhibition.
1951 - in Pamplona a general strike is declared.
1975 - A series of terrorist attacks were carried out by far right groups in Bilbao
1976 - Madrid, Spain, the Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas is inaugurated.
1979 - Incidents in the Carabanchel prison in Madrid caused 2 deaths and 15 injuries
1979 - Salvador Dalí entered as a member of the French Fine Arts Academy
1981 - Members of the Anti-Terrorist Liberation Groups (GAL) torture and kill young santanderinos Juan Mañas Morales, Luis García Montero and Luis Manuel Cobo Mier after mistaking them for members of ETA. (Case Almería).
1982 - in Lemóniz (Vizcaya), technical workers refuse to continue work on the nuclear power plant.
1983 - Spanish Congress approves the law of expropriation of Rumasa.
1984 - Rafael Escobedo was sentenced to 53 years in prison by the Supreme court for the murder of Marquises of Urquijo
1985 - the San Sebastián International Film Festival returns to its competitive nature, which had been withdrawn in 1977.
1989 - FC Barcelona win 29th European Cup Winner's Cup against Sampdoria of Italy 1-0 in Bern
1995 - Real Zaragoza win 35th European Cup Winner's Cup against Arsenal 2-1 in Paris
1996 - Spanish writer Francisco Umbral, is awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Literature.
2001 - Judge Baltasar Garzon declared illegal youth organization Haika (fusion of JARRAI and its counterpart in the French-Basque Country) considering that it is an "appendix" integrated into the structure of the terrorist group ETA.
2004 - Fuerteventura, the Civil Guard intercepted two boats with 72 migrants, including a baby.
2006 - Sevilla FC in Eindhoven won its first UEFA Cup.

1452 - Fernando the Catholic, King of Aragon, 1479-1516
1843 - Benito Pérez Galdós, novelist (Episodios Nacionales)  born in Las Palmas (d. 1920)
1900 - Valentín Matilla, doctor and academic.
1907 - Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, Prince of Asturias.
1909 - Arturo Moreno, cartoonist and illustrator (d. 1993)
1919 - Eugenio Suárez, journalist and businessman.
1921 - Luis Ciges, actor.
1925 - Jaime Campmany, writer and journalist (d. 2005).
1938 - Manuel Santana, tennis player (French Open 1961, 64; Wimbledon 1966; US Open 1965; French Open doubles 1963) born in Madrid (d. 2021)
1940 - Vicente Miera, football trainer.
1944 - Juan José Lucas Giménez, politician.
1945 - Rafael Ribo, politician, president of Iniciativa per Catalunya.
1953 - Salvador Domínguez, musician in the groups Los Canarios and Los Pekenikes.
1962 - Ángel Mateo Charris, painter.
1977 - Hugo Silva, actor.
1977 - Juanma Castaño, well known journalist.
1981 - Belén Arjona, pop-rock singer.
1983 - Natalia Zabala, Miss Spain 2007

1547 - Francisco de los Cobos and Molina, politician.
1569 - San Juan de Avila, religious man.
1819 - Mariano Salvador Maella, painter.
1897 - Andrés Bonifacio, Filipino revolutionary leader of 1896 Philppine revolt against Spain, dies aged 33
1900 - Manuel Aguirre, sculptor.
1921 - Pedro Palacios y Sáenz, engineer (b. 1847).
1930 - Julio Romero de Torres, painter.
1968 - José Luis Ozores, actor.
1997 - Jacinto Quincoces, footballer (b. 1905).
1997 - Pepe Risi, singer
2008 - Eusebio Ríos, football player and trainer (b. 1935).