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May 13

Saints Days: Servacio and Pedro Regalado, Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Fátima.

San Pedro Regalado, Fiesta en Valladolid.
1275 - The troops of the Moroccan Sultan Aby Yusuf Yaqub II disembark in Tarifa, staring the so-called ‘War of the Strait’ against King Alfonso X.

Francisco de Assis de Borbón - wikipedia

1570 - The Peace Alpujarras signed between Don Juan de Austria and the Moorish Captain The Habaqui, in the farmhouse Las Paces, formerly farmhouse Hadid, located in the Sierra Nevada, belongs to the people of Benecid province Almeria.
1810 - In Victoria (province of Entre Ríos, Argentina) the first mass is celebrated in the oratory dedicated to the Virgin of Aránzazu (Guipúzcoa, Basque Country). Founding landmark of the city.
1936 - Quiroga government takes office in Spain
1938 - Spanish Civil War, the First National Government creates the Labour Court order that labour relations were the subject of a specialized and independent judicial administration of any type of policy.
1992 - The Government approves the law for the creation of a University of La Rioja.
2012 - Pastor Maldonado wins the Spanish Grand Prix, marking him the first Venezuelan Formula One driver to win a race.

1714 - Felipe González Ahedo, soldier and cartographer (d. 1802).
1822 - Francisco de Asis de Borbón, King consort to Queen Isabel II of Spain (d. 1902).
1904 - Pepín Bello, writer (d. 2008).
1914 . Antonia Ferrín Moeiras, mathematician, academic and astronomer (d. 2009)
1930 - José Jiménez Lozano, writer and journalist. (d. 2020)
1941 - Pedro Sabando, politician.
1948 - Carlos Dávila, journalist.
1948 - Marisa Abad, television presenter.
1956 - Roberto Álvarez, actor.
1964 - Jordi Sánchez, actor, writer, screen writer and producer .
1968 – Miguel Ángel Blanco, politician killed by ETA (d. 1997)
1972 - Pablo García Casado, poet.
1976 - Antonio Ugalde, handball player.
1982 - Albert Crusat, footballer
1985 - Javier Balboa, Spanish-Equatoguinean footballer
1987 - Antonio Adán, footballer
1992 - Georgina García Pérez, tennis player

1505 - Philip Jordan Urriés and Murillo, VII lord of Ayerbe, nobleman.
1646 - Maria Ana of Spain, Austrian Archduchess.
1965 - Ignacio Barraquer, ophthalmologist (b. 1884)
1980 - Maruxa Fandiño Ricart, Galician woman, of the sisters Las Dos Marias (b 1898)
2007 - Ricardo Valencia, mountain climber (b. 1959).
2010 - Enrique González Bethencourt, musician and murguero (b. 1924)