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May 14

Saints Days: Gemma Galgani, Matías, Poncio, Víctor, Justa and Henedina.

756 - Abderramán I overcame Yusuf al-Fihri, the Emir of Damascus, in the battle of Alameda – and then occupied Córdoba to set up an independent Emir.

Ferran Adrià - Archive photo

1514 - Spain starts working in the Correo Mayor of the Indies. The Spanish crown in perpetuity assigned it to Lorenzo Galindez de Carvajal.
1524 - New Spain (now Central America) comes the real iron (called "iron Rescue") sent by the king of Spain to mark the slaves Indians.
1702 - England & Netherlands declare war on France & Spain
1769 - King Charles III sends Franciscan missionaries to California and founded San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Monterrey, beginning the colonization of the territory.
1777 - Madrid, King Charles III, created by Royal Decree the Protomedicato of Caracas, thus beginning medical studies in Venezuela.
1799 - A storm broke the dam at El Gasco on the outskirts of Madrid, which had been built by the engineer Carlos Lemaur. When built it was the highest dam in the world at 93 metres.
1811 - Paraguay obtained independence from Spain
1814 - returns to Spain King Ferdinand VII after suffering captivity in France.
1861 - The Canellas meteorite, an 859-gram chrondrite-type meteorite, strikes the earth near Barcelona
1962 - Princess Sophia of Greece weds Don Juan Carlos of Spain.
1977 - Madrid, Don Juan de Borbon (Juan III), Count of Barcelona, waiving their rights to the Spanish crown in favour of his son Juan Carlos.
2006 - produced in Spain demonstrations for decent housing, which had been convened by email anonymously.
2016 - Seseña burns from carelessness’. The administrations have been unable to close the tyre rubbish tip, illegal since 2003. The fire obliged the evacuation of thousands of neighbours because of the risk of toxic smog. The fire which affected five million tyres could have been started deliberately.

1853 - Claudio Lopez Bru, entrepreneur and philanthropist (d. 1925)
1867 - José Rodríguez Davié, bullfighter (d. 1899).
1869 - Concha Espina, writer (d. 1955).
1907 - Vicente Enrique y Tarancón, cardinal and Archbishop (d. 1994).
1943 - Antonio Pérez de la Cruz Blanco, lawyer and jurist.
1943 - José Manuel Urtain, boxer.
1950 - Adolfo Domínguez, fashion designer.
1954 - Dolores González Yoyes Catarain, guerrilla, leader of the terrorist group ETA (d.1986).
1957 - Marino Lejarreta, cyclist.
1962 - Ferran Adrià, chef
1979 - Mercè Llorens, actress.

1507 - Hernando de Talavera, monk (b. 1428).
1575 - Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, poet and diplomat (b. 1503).
1610 - Enrique IV of France, King of Navarra (b. 1553).
1938 - Miguel Cabanellas, general(b. 1872).
1960 - Lucrezia Bori, soprano and actress (b. 1887)
1979 - José Camón Aznar, historian and thinker (b. 1898).
1983 - Eduardo Benavente, musician (Parálisis Permanente) (b. 1962).
1991 - José María Rodero, actor film and theatre (b. 1922).
1994 - Ramón de Garciasol, poet (b. 1913).
1995 - Fausto Olivares Palacios, Andalucían painter (b. 1940).
2004 - Jesús Gil, corrupt mayor of Marbella and football club manager (b. 1933).