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May 19

Saint’s Day for José, Fernando and Marcos. Father’s Day in Spain

1808 - A riot occurs in the town of Aranjuez, which will cause the fall of Manuel Godoy and King Carlos IV. abdicates after riots and a popular revolt at the winter palace Aranjuez. His son Ferdinand VII takes the throne

1812 - With Spain in the midst of war in the Spanish War of Independence, the country’s first Constitution, the historic Constitución Española of 1812, is published by the Cortes in Cádiz popularly called "Pepa" 

1880 - In Fregean de la Sierra (Badajoz) the first phone call is made long distance in Spain thanks to Rodrigo Sanchez-Arjona and Sanchez-Arjona, who held a phone line between a house in a lower Extremadura municipality and a farm, called "Las Mimbres".

2007 - Wind energy sets a new production record, reaching the 8375 MW at 17:40 (local time). This is superior to that produced by the six nuclear power plants are in Spain (8 reactors that together generate 7742 MW) power.

2018 - ’22-year-old British man has died after falling from the fifth floor in Palma’. The police think he was drunk after partying with friends and the fall was accidental. His companions didn’t notice until they were advised.

2019 - British fugitive arrested in Almería for 53 counts of family sexual abuse, National Police made the arrest of the accused for crimes allegedly committed between 1956 and 2,000 on members of his own family


1534 - Saint José de Anchieta, the Jesuit missionary known as the Apostle of Brazil, was born on the island of Tenerife. He was one of the founders of both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, was a writer and a poet, and is considered the first Brazilian dramatist and the father of Brazilian literature. (d. 1597)

1601 - Alonzo Cano, painter, sculptor, and architect (d. 1667)

1738 - Tupac Amaru II, an indigenous leader of the American Revolution against Spain.

1880 - Antonio Ballesteros Beretta, historian (d. 1949).

1903 - José Cuatrecasas Arumí, botanist and pharmacist (d. 1996).

1920 - José Gándara Villegas, cyclist (d. 2010).

1926 - Alfonso Silva Placeres, footballer (d. 2007).

1929 - Miquel Martí i Pol, Catalan writer (d. 2003).

1940 - Gabriel Díaz Berbel, politician (d. 2011).

Bigas Luna - https://en.wikipedia.org/

1946 - The Catalan film director, Juan José Bigas Luna, who won the 1992 Venice Film Festival Silver Lion for ‘Jamón, jamón’ was born in Barcelona.

1964 - Cristina La Veneno singer and actress.

1979 - María Vázquez, actress.



1923 - Vicente Climent, painter from Valencia.

1988 - Sabino Barinaga, footballer and manager (b. 1922)

1999 - The actress and singer Juanita Reina, known as the Queen of Copla, died in her home town, Sevilla.

2013 - José Félix Pons, journalist (b. 1932).