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May 2

Saints days – Germán y Celestino. Nuestra Señora de Araceli
Dia de la Comunidad – Fiesta in Madrid

693 - Égica orders celebrate the Sixteenth Council of Toledo.
1482 - in Granada,a hint of rebellion carried out by Abencerrajes takes place, which makes the King Abu-l-Hasan Ali-convinced of the complicity of its Aixa wife and son Boabdil-, locking them in the tower Comares.
1492 - on the outskirts of the town of Madrid the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes after the flight of some neighbors of the town of Alcobendas is founded.
1598 - King of Spain, Felipe II and King of France, Henry IV signed the Vervins Peace accord to end the Wars of Religion in France.
1776 - France & Spain agreed to give weapons to American rebels

Some of the bones found at Atapuerca - Archive photo

1808 - Madrid uprising against the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte, and as a result of the news of its failure the same day Side of the mayors of Móstoles initiates War of independence. Francisco de Goya later memorializes this event in his painting The Second of May 1808.
1812 - The Siege of Cuautla during the Mexican War of Independence ends with both sides claiming victory after Mexican rebels under José María Morelos y Pavón abandon the city after 72 days under siege by royalist Spanish troops under Félix María Calleja.
1866 - Last day of action for the Spanish navy in the Pacific at Callao with a battle against the forces of Peru and Chile in the Spanish-South American War.
1879 - The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party is founded in Casa Labra Pub (city of Madrid) by the historical Spanish workers' leader Pablo Iglesias.
1925 - migration has been higher in 50,838 people last year.
1928 - Madrid and Cadiz, the premiere of the outcry (written by Azorín and Dry Muñoz) causes loud protests from the public.
1931 - Spain changes National Anthem to Hymn of irrigation replaces Royal March.
1933 - In Madrid the National College for the Blind, installed in the palace of Napoleon, where he had his headquarters was inaugurated.
1945 - Barcelona welcomed the French politician Pierre Laval, accompanied by his wife and four other fugitives from Vichy.
1958 - 18 arrested in Sevilla after the discovery of horsemeat in six illegal abattoirs.
1966 - In Madrid and Pamplona serious violence's between students and the police.
1981 - Marinaleda (Seville) finalizes the hunger strike of laborers.
1983 - The Government rejects the document of the Argentina military junta about the Spaniards "disappeared" in that country.
1985 - Mostoles (Madrid), the council signs a declaration of symbolic peace with France.
1989 - Spain ratified the EU convention on the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.
1997 - The scientific team at the Atapuerca dig win the Prince of Asturias Prize for research.
2006 - Andalusia Parliament approved the reform of the Statute of Autonomy with 67 votes in favor (PSOE and IU) and 41 against (PP and Andalusian Party).
2014 - State pensions will go up by 0.25% until 2017, and the freezing of civil servants wages will continue. The pension limit translates to a 3% drop in spending power and a cut of 3 billion € in spending.
2015 - Alfonso Rus, president PP in Valencia, suspended from the party for recordings in which he was counting money inside his car

1740 - Pedro Aranaz, Composer.
1754 - Vicente Martin y Soler, Composer, born in Valencia (d. 1806)
1853 - Antonio Maura, politician.
1897 - Gregorio Prieto, painter.
1902 - Eduardo Westerdahl, painter (d. 1983).
1907 - Jose Garcia Santesmases, physicist and computer scientist (d .1989).
1908 - Juan Luis Vassallo, sculptor (d. 1986).
1912 - Eduardo Pisano, painter (d. 1986).
1927 - José María Ruiz Gallardón, PP politician.
1935 - Luis Suárez Miramontes, footballer and manager, regarded as one of  Spain's greatest players, born in A Coruña, Galicia 
1953 - Salvador Vidal, dubbing actor.
1958 - Pello Uralde, footballer.
1975 - Eva Santolaria, actress.
1976 - Blanca Romero, actress, singer and model.
1976 - Ivan de la Peña - Footballer
1982 - Iván Cervantes, motorcylist.
1983 - Daniel Sordo, rally racing car driver
1990 - Albert Costa, airline pilot.
1992 – María Teresa Torró Flor, tennis player
1995 - Mario Marzo, actor.

1576 - Bartolomé de Carranza, teologian.
1808 - Luis Daoiz, military man, hero of the War of Spanish Independence (1808-1812).
1808 - Pedro Velarde, military man, hero of the War of Independence.
1929 - Segundo de Chomón, film maker.
1929 - José María Rubio, Jesuit and Saint.
1966 - Salvador Moreno Fernández, military man and politican (b. 1886).
1996 - María Luisa Ponte, actress.
1998 - COPE radio presenter, Antonio Herrero Lima, dies at age 43 when diving in Marbella.