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May 20

Saints Days: Alejandro, Asterio, Bernardino de Sena, Baudillo and Anastasio

1293 - King Sancho IV of Castile creates the Study of General Schools of Alcalá.
1485 - The Christian troops captured Ronda, the most important Nazari resistance point to the west
1493 - Christopher Columbus is named commander in chief of the Spanish armed with undertaking the second trip to America.

Iker Casillas - Archive photo

1520 - Hernando Cortes defeats Panfilo de Narvaez, sent by Spain to punish him for insubordination 
1591 - Juan Ramirez de Velasco founded the City of All Saints of the New Rioja.
1741 - The Battle of Cartagena de Indias ends in a Spanish victory and the British began withdrawal towards Jamaica with substantial losses
1908 - in Gijon, Spain, the Municipal Stadium El Molinon is inaugurated.
1922 - Barcelona, the Camp de Les Corts, former Barcelona Football Club stadium is inaugurated.
1923 - in Valencia, Mestalla Stadium is inaugurated
1958 - Spain joined the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
1988 - Tthe president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, received the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation.
1992 - Barcelona won their first European Cup by beating Sampdoria in Wembley
1998 - Real Madrid won their 7th European Cup against Juventus in Amsterdam
2001 - Wikipedia started in Spanish
2007 - Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal marks the record of 81 consecutive match wins on clay after a defeat in the final.

1818 - Cúchares (Francisco Arjona Herrera), bullfighter (d. 1868).
1858 - Jaime Vera, doctor and socialist politician (d. 1918).
Blas Cabrera - www.elespanol.com

1878 - Blas Cabrera, physicist.He worked in the domain of experimental physics with focus in the magnetic properties of matter, He is considered one of the greatest scientists of Spain and one of the founders of the study of physical sciences of his country (d. 1945) 
1897 - Diego Abad de Santillán, economist and author (d. 1983)
1891 - Juan Antonio Suanzes, solider and politician (d. 1977).
1897 - Diego Abad de Santillán, anarchist (d. 1983).
1904 - Hernando Viñes, painter (d. 1993).
1913 - Juan Gimeno, cyclist (d. 1998).
1919 - Ramón Margalef, scientist, ecologist and researcher (d. 2004).
1932 - Antonio Suárez, cyclist (d. 1981).
1939 - María Luisa Ozaita, pianist, harpsichordist, musicologist, conductor and composer (Pelleas y Melisande) born in Baracaldo (d. 2017)
1944 - Alejo Vidal-Quadras, politician.
1975 - Isaac Gálvez, cyclist (d. 2006)
1975 - Xabier San Martín, keyboard player and composer (La Oreja de Van Gogh).
1978 - Martín López, drummer
1978 - Eduard Soto, actor español.
1981 - Iker Casillas, goalkeeper Real Madrid
1986 - Yon González, actor

1444 - Bernardino of Siena, Italian-Spanish missionary and saint (b. 1380)
1506 - Christopher Columbus, explorer and navigator who discovered the New World for Spain and initiated the European colonisation (b 1451).
1506 - Alonso Fernandez de Lugo, Spanish conqueror (b.1456).
1677 - George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, Spanish-English politician, English Secretary of State (b. 1612)
1798 - Cándido María Trigueros, writer, translator and dramatist (b. 1736)
1841 - Joseph Blanco White, poet and theologian (b. 1775)
1905 - José María Álvarez de Sotomayor, poet (b. 1880).
1973 - Joaquín Bau, trader and politician (b. 1897).
1985 - Eduardo Ortiz de Landazuri, doctor and professor (b. 1910).
1988 - Angel Juan Quesada, choirmaster and composer (b. 1909)
1998 - Ricardo Franco, film director (b. 1949)
2014 - Prince Rupert Loewenstein, Spanish-English businessman (b. 1933)