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May 21

Saints Days: Felicia, Virginia, Gisela, Secundino, Valente and Timoteo

822 - Abderramán II becomes the new Omiya emir of Córdoba
1293 - Sancho IV added Villaymara to Burgos.

PHILIP II, 1527-1598 King of Spain

1403 - Enrique III of Castile sends Ruy González de Clavijo as ambassador to Timur to discuss the possiblity of an alliance between Timur and Castile against the Ottoman Empire
1499 - The Catholic Kings grant freedoms to those who travel to America
1876 - Madrid, writer Gaspar Núñez de Arce joined the Royal Spanish Academy.
1916 - Ramon Menendez Pidal takes possession of his chair in the Real Academia de la Historia.
1917 - Work was reduced by 40% in the fabric factories of Cataluña as a consequence of strike action in the industry
1933 - The Spanish football team beat Bulgaria 13-0 in the Chamartín stadium
1935 - Spanish aviator, Juan Ignacio Pomba crosses the Atlantic from Gambia to Natal in Brazil in 18 hours and 15 minutes
1955 - Spain renews its world hockey title after defeating Italy by 2 goals to 1.
1961 - Seville a truck traveling 62 people in the slums of the Macarena and Triana and that went to Almonte to attend the pilgrimage of El Rocio plunges. 21 dead and 40 wounded occur.
1963 - A group of French explorers rob cave paintings from Civil in Castellón province, but just breaking off parts of the wall in sections
1971 - The Spanish boxer Pedro Carrasco European champion proclaims the superlight weights.
1972 - Madrid, playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo joined the Royal Spanish Academy of Language.
1993 - The UN peacekeepers deployed in the former Yugoslavia, received the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation.
1996 - The Italian Latin pop singer Eros Ramazzotti, launches its album in Spanish entitled Donde Hay Música.
2003 - The Spanish Royal Court officially recognises Leandro Alfonso de Borbón Ruiz, the bastard son of King Alfonso XIII
2003 - The 6.8Mw Bourerdès earthquake shakes northern Algeria with a maximum intensity of X (Extreme) people were killed and a moderate tsunami sank boats at the Baleraric Islands
2005 - Spanish police in Málaga break up a money laundering ring which had laundered 30 million €, the proceeds from drug trafficking, in six years
2015 - The opposition appeals to the Constitutional court against the law for Citizen Safety
2015 - Bail of €18 million for Rodrigo Rato

1527 - King Felipe II King of Spain and Portugal (1556-98) born in Valladolid (d. 1598)
1565 - Juan de Oviedo, sculptor and architect
1707 - Francisco Salzillo, Baroque sculptor.
1841 - Félix Sardá y Salvany, religious writer (d. 1916).
1856 - José Rodríguez Carracido, biochemist and pharmacologist (d. 1928).
1873 - Álvaro Alcalá Galiano, painter (d. 1936).
1879 - Pablo Luna, composer. (De España Vengo), born in Alahama de Aragón (d. 1842)
1909 - Agustí Centelles i Ossó, photo-journalist.
1909 - Víctor Unamuno Ibarzabal, footballer.
1925 - Pasieguito, footballer (d. 2002).
1941 - Diego Guillén Grace, scientist and thinker.
1942 - Humberto Serrano, Argentine actor of Spanish origin (d. 2013).
1953 - Alberto Marcos Martín, historian.
1959 - Adriana Ozores, actress.
1965 - Antonio Carmona, singer (Ketama).
1972 - Arancha del Sol, model and actress.
2002 - Elena Huelva. cancer activist and influencer (d. 2023)

822 - Al-Hakam I, third independet emir in Córdoba. (b.770)
1542 - Hernando de Soto, Spanish-American explorer (b. 1496)
1617 - Luis Fajardo, admiral and nobleman (b 1556)
1814 - Jordan Asso, naturalist, jurist and historian (b 1742)
1966 - Ricard Opisso, draftsman (b. 1880)
1994 - Francisco Otero Besteiro, sculptor (b. 1933)
2000 - Rafael Perez Estrada, writer and cartoonist (b 1934)
2012 - José Luis Gutiérrez, journalist (b. 1943).