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May 22

Saints Days: Faustino, Timoteo, Joaquina de Vedruna, Rita and Quiteria

1293 - Sancho IV conceded awards and wealth to the cities and councils in Andalucía for loyalty in the fight against the Infantes de la Cerda
1520 - The massacre at the festival of Tóxcati takes place during the Fall of Tenochtitlan, resulting in turning the Aztecs against the Spanish
1526 - the Italian cities of Milan, Florence and Venice signed an alliance with Francis I of France, Pope Clement VII, Henry VIII of England to fight Carlos I of Spain.

Prince Felipe de Borbón marries Letizia Ortiz - Photo forum.royalarchive.com

1542 - King Carlos I of Spain has ordered that the cruelties carried out in Las Indias be corrected
1896 - rejection of the Spanish Government to the mediation of the US. UU. to end the war in Cuba.
1920 - Foundation stone laid for the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid, built at the expense of the French on land given by the Spanish state
1920 - The dramatic company Xirgu and Borrás presents in Barcelona the work the crazy house, by Benito Perez Galdos.
1922 - Empress Zita of Austria and her family visit Spain
1931 - Religious freedom proclaimed in Spain
1938 - during the Spanish Civil War, the fort San Cristobal escape in Pamplona, one of the most massive and bloody in the history of the prison escapes ever seen.
1975 - The Spanish government recognised a limited right to strike
1977 - Angel Nieto is consecrated motorcycling world champion in 50 cm3.
2000 - In Spain the first twins born without sperm fertilized by in vitro maturation of sperm precursor cells.he first twins born without sperm fertilized by in vitro maturation of sperm precursor cells.
2004 - Prince Felipe de Borbón (later Felipe VI), Prince of Asturias, weds marries Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano (former TV news presenter) at The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

1766 - Rafael Menacho, military soldier.
1777 - Luis María de Borbón y Vallabriga, archbishop and cardinal.
1833 - Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla, Prime Minister of Spain (d. 1895)
1865 - Enric Morera i Viura, trumpet player, violinist, composer (d. 1942)
1892 - Juan Calvo Domenech, actor (d. 1962).
1910 - Julio Salvador y Díaz-Benjumea, soldier and politician (d. 1987).
1913 - Rafael Gil, director and screenwriter (d. 1986)
1922 - Agustín Gaínza, footballer (d. 1995).
1926 - Concha Alós, writer (d. 2011).
1945 - Pedro Berruezo, footballer (d. 1973).
1961 - Alfons Arús, journalist.
1961 - Antonia San Juan, actress, film maker, screenwriter and producer.
1967 - Paloma Lago, model and presenter
1970 - Guillermo Toledo, actor.
1973 - Emilio Alzamora, motorbike rider.
1973 - Fátima Baeza, actress.
1975 - Salva Ballesta, footballer (Atlético Madrid, Valencia) born in Zaragoza
1976 - Fernando Andina, actor.

1895 - Isaac Peral, marine and inventor.
1931 - Ofelia Nieto, soprano.
1991 - Federico Sopeña, music expert.
1998 - Ricardo Franco, film producer.
2002 - Manuel Padorno, poet.