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May 26

Saints Day: Felipe Neri, Eleuterio, Paulino and Prisco

1135 – Alfonso VII of León and Castile is crowned in León Cathedral as Imperator totius Hispaniae, "Emperor of all of Spain".
1504 - Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, at the behest of Pope Julius II ordered the arrest of Cesare Borgia and his transfer to Spain.
1573 - The Spanish Armada, commanded by Count Bossu, defeat the Sea Beggars in the Battle of Haarlemmermeer (Netherlands).
1596 - England, France & Netherlands sign Drievoudig Covenant against Spain
1642 - Spanish troops, commanded by Francisco de Melo, defeated the French Marshal de Guiche in the Battle of Honnecourt (France).

Ramón Calderón

1644 - Portuguese Restoration War: Portuguese and Spanish forces both claim victory in the Battle of Montijo.
1707 - In the Spanish War of Succession, the Borbón troops took Zaragoza
1802 - In Madrid, Simón Bolívar marries with María Teresa Rodríguez.
1808 - Sevilla, Santander and Gijón took up arms against the French invaders during the Spanish War of Independence
1872 - Francisco Serrano Domínguez was named President
1933 - The designation of origin Jerez is created.
1934 - In Alicante, the explosion of 500 kg of dynamite causes a catastrophe.
1935 - Manuel Azana (President) offers a rally in Valencia to 100,000 Republicans.
1936 - Generalitat de Catalunya form the new government led by Lluís Companys.
1947 - Barcelona, Ana Mariscal stars in Yerma.
1958 - Pamplona radio station La Voz de Navarra was inaugurated.
1967 - The new Education Act limits the dictatorship calls for examinations in universities.
1976 - A tinderbox of Pontevedra 700 kg of dynamite stolen.
1976 - In Bilbao an attack occurs against the consulate of Federal Germany.
1979 - Bomb explodes in the California 47 cafeteria in Madrid, causing 9 deaths and 40 injuries
1980 - Sandro Pertini, president of Italy, begins a visit to Spain.
1986 - Barcelona, Pere Calders received the Honor Award of Catalan Letters.
1991 - Municipal elections are held, losing the PSOE mayors of Madrid, Seville and Valencia. Adverse outcomes of Democratic and Social Centre (CDS) also cause the resignation of its president, Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez.
1993 - José Antonio Marina wins the National Essay Prize for his work Eulogy and refutation of wit.
1994 - Congress approved the new Cinema Law which led to the first ever strike in the industry in Spain
1995 - Pamplona, Antonio Flores, which would give the last concert of his life, five days before his death.
2000 - Bordeaux, the French police arrested after a shootout two suspected members of the terrorist group ETA.
2001 - Real Madrid Football Club achieved the 28th League Championship history.
2013 - in Bilbao the last official match is played at the San Mames football stadium before demolition begins.

972 - Ramón Borrell, Barcelona aristocrat (d. 1017).
1902 - Jesús Pabón, historian and politican (d. 1976).
1907 - Joaquín Gómez Bas, novelist (d. 1984).
1945 - Carmelo Artiles, profesor and politican (d. 2011).
1951 - Ramón Calderón, lawyer and businessman
1959 - Raimundo Amador, flamenco singer.
1964 - Edu Torres, basketball player and trainer.
1968 - Fernando León de Aranoa, director, producer, and screenwriter
1975 - Juan Manuel Cabrejo Pasantes, footballer.

1035 - Berenguer Ramón 1, nobleman (b. 1005)
1076 - Ramón Berenguer I, the old, Barcelona aristocrat
1831 - Mariana Pineda, patriot (b. 1804).
1950 - Miguel Durán Salgado, architect (b. 1854).
1980 - Francisco Goyoaga, rider, world champion in 1953 (b. 1920 ).
1987 - Emiliana de Zubeldia, composer and pianist Basque (b.1888).
1988 - José Muñoz Molleda, composer (b 1905.).
1991 - Jose Caballero, painter (b 1915.).
1994 - Antonio Hernandez Gil, jurist (b 1915.).
1996 - Gerardo Rueda, abstract painter (b. 1926).
2009 - Alfons Milà, architect (b. 1924).
2015 - Vicente Aranda, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1926)