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May 27

Saints Day: Agustín de Cantorbery, Julio and Restituta

1517 - Several Dominican and Franciscan monks, headed by Pedro de Córdoba, write a letter to the King of Spain, known as the Carta Latina, in defence of the native Americans in the new world.
1966 - Six French fighters crash above Spain

Rosa Díez - Archive photo

2007 - In the regional elections in Spain, the Partido Popular obtain more votes than the Socialist Party, but the latter gains more territories.
2016 - The aeronautical industry in Andalucía is started to manufacture drones 
2016 - El País headlines ‘the outbreak of violence in Barcelona has elevated the fear of a vacuum of authority’, and has a photo of some demonstrators taken in the early hours of yesterday.  Mayor Ada Colau had admitted problems acting against the squatters based in the Barcelona district of Gràcia, ‘they should talk to their neighbours’. The paper’s editorial is titled ‘Absent Government.
2020 - Spain begins 10 days of mourning for the victims of Covid-19 with death toll just under 27,000

1735 - Romero Landa, military and first Naval Engineer Royal Navy (d. 1807)
1913 - Vicente Calderon, sports official, president of Atletico Madrid (d. 1987)
1913 - José Vela Zanetti, painter and academic (d. 1999)
1927 - Joaquín Prat, journalist and TV presenter (d. 1995).
1933 - Manfred Sommer, author and illustrator (d. 2007)
1940 - Mariano Haro, atlete.
1943 - Eduardo Teddy Bautista, singer.
1944 - Formula one driver, Emilio Rodríguez Zapico
1951 - Ana Belén, actress, singer and director
1952 - Rosa Díez, politician
1957 - Iñaki Miramón, actor.
1961 - Ana Blanco, journalist and newsreader.
1985 - Roberto Soldado, footballer

1624 - Diego Ramirez de Arellano, sailor and cosmographer (b. 1580)
1877 - Pedro Mata, doctor, journalist, writer and politician (b. 1811)
1929 - Enrique de Mesa, poet (b. 1878)
1930 - Gabriel Miró, writer (b. 1879)
1945 - Miguel Mucio, cyclist (b. 1902)
1990 - Juan José Cuadros Pérez, poet and writer (b. 1926)
1994 - Luis de Carlos, football manager (b. 1907)
2006 - Alex Toth, historian (b. 1928)