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May 28

Saints Day: Justo, Germán, Podio, Félix, Emilio, Eladio and Luciano

1486 - In the province of Granada, the Christian army commanded by Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, the Great Captain, after fierce attacks in which Boabdil and Hamet el Zegrí were wounded, enters the city of Loja.

The English Navy launches fireships against the Spanish Armada in 1588 - photo kids.britannica.com

1588 - The Spanish Armada, with 130 ships and 30,000 men, sets sail from Lisbon, Portugal, heading for the English Channel. (It will take until May 30 for all ships to leave port.)
1741 - Spain and Bavaria sign treaty
1785 - Carlos III approves the new designs for the National Pavillion, and sets the bases for what would be the modern flag for Spain.
2016 - The daughter of the duke of Wellington, Lady Charlotte Anne Wellesley weds financier Alejandro Santo Domingo (39) in Íllora, Granada

1889 - José Padilla, composer and pianist (La Violetera - City Lights; Ca C'est Paris - Moulin Rouge) born in Almería
1922 - Agustín Piru Gaínza, footballer (b. 1995).
1932 - Chiquito de la Calzada (Gregorio Esteban Sánchez Fernández), comic.
1941 - Diego Puerta, bullfighting (b. 2011).
1944 - Politician and Economy Minister, Carlos Solchaga
1959 - Juan Luis Giménez, guitarist of the group Presuntos Implicados 
1960 - Pastora Vega, actress
1963 - Ramón Salazar, film producer.
1980 - Miguel Pérez, footballer

1462 - Luis de Beaumont, first count of Lerín (Navarra) (b. 1412).
1938 - Miguel Fleta, tenor (b. 1897).
1991 - Juan Manuel Bonet, journalist and writer (b. 1917).
2007 - Eduard Pons Prades, writer and historian (b. 1920).
2011 - Maria Rosa Alonso, professor, philologist and essayist (b. 1909).
2012 - Jose Maria Knörr, entrepreneur (b. 1916.).