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May 3

Saints days – Alejandro 1, Felipe, Santiago and Violet. 

World press freedom day.
Dia de la Cruz – in many villages of Murcia and Andalucía.

1240 - Christian troops conquered the Muslims in Écija, Sevilla.
1487 - Vélez-Málaga fell to King Fernando the Catholic on 27 April 1487, and handed itself over today that year.
1493 - on the island of San Miguel de La Palma (Canary Islands) founded its capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma.
1493 - In Rome, Pope Alexander VI issues a papal bull defining the area of discovery of Spain and Portugal.

La Fiesta de las Cruces Granada - www.bloghalconviajes.com

1523 - on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Olid lands in what is now Honduras and takes possession of that territory on behalf of the king of Spain.
1568 - Angered by the brutal onslaught of Spanish troops at Fort Caroline, a French force burns the San Mateo Fort and massacres hundreds of Spaniards
1629 - French huguenot leader Duke De Rohan signs accord with Spain
1808 - Paninsular War -The rebels of Madrid who rose on May 2 are executed near the mountain of Prince Pío. This event gave rise to the famous painting by Goya.
1844 - Madrid, General Ramón María Narváez occupies first president of the Spanish Government, which starts the Decade moderate.
1865 - a royal decree repealing the annexation to Spain of Santo Domingo.
1924 - A factory making fake money was found in Barcelona.
1930 - Madrid, the bullfighter Cayetano Ordonez (Niño de la Palma) suffered a serious goring.
1932 - Data published – 1,210 suicides during the first half of 1931 in Spain.
1937 - Anarchist and Communist rebellion in Barcelona leads to 400 deaths over five days – 1000 injured.
1938 - The Company of Jesús is reestablished .
1938 - Vatican recognises Franco-Spain
1963 - The Spanish Government creates the Public Order Court for political crimes.
1973 - Salvador Dali jewellery exhibition opens in the Madrid
contemporary art museum.
1977 - the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSUC) is legalized.
1984 - The GAL murdered in France by ETA Jesus Zugarramurdi, alias Kishur, accused Spanish police of participating in the attack on Carrero Blanco.
1991 - The Council of Ministers approves the creation of the Banking Corporation of Spain.
2003 - Barcelona handball club, the most successful in the world, wins the EHF Cup against Dinamo Astrakhan.
2003 - Pope John Paul II visits Spain for the 5th time.
2006 - In Madrid, police confiscated 20,000 kilos of Chinese spoiled food that had been brought into Spain illegally.
2017 - ‘Spain will veto Gibraltar for unfair competition’ – The Government will propose in Congress the end the ‘unjustifiable privileges’ for Gibraltar after Brexit. Spain will not allow an agreement between Brussels and London which allows Gibraltar to maintain an unfair competition in its Spanish surroundings – so assured the Foreign Minister who noted the European Commission has granted Spain the power of veto.
The document will however give priority to the rights of Spanish workers in the UK (102,000) and likewise British residents in Spain (286,000).
2018 - ‘ETA has the dread to think that they valued for nothing’ – Iñigo Urkullu – Lehendakari. When ETA proposes to announce today their definitive desolation, the Lehendakari was condemning about their bloody past which had damaged the image of Euskadi
2018 - ‘The anger against the wolf pact is challenging parties and institutions’ – 1,800 psychiatrists have protested against the sentence. The European Parliament has opened a debate on the case with the opposition of the PP.

1428 – Pedro González de Mendoza, cardinal and statesman, born in Guadalajara (d. 1495)
1481 - Juana de la Cruz Vázquez Gutiérrez, abbess of the Franciscan Third Order Regular (d. 1534)
1678 - Amaro Pargo, corsair (d. 1747)
1875 - Cruz Laplana y Laguna, clergy (d. 1936).
1914 - Martí de Riquer, writer.
1921 - José Ángel Ezcurra, journalist and editor (d. 2010).
1975 - Ximo Cerdà, teacher, scientist, writer and illustrator.
1975 - Eva Santolaria actress (7 Vidas) born in Barcelona 
1988 - David Martin Lafuente, singer in the band Auryn.

1534 - Juana de la Crux Vazquez Gutierrez, Roman Catholic nun and venerable (b. 1481)
1853 - Juan Donoso Cortés, diplomat and politician (b. 1809).
1885 - Bernardo Ferrándiz, painter (b. 1835).
1945 - Odón de Buen, naturalist (b. 1861).
1949 - Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, painter (b. 1871).
1997 - Narciso Yepes, guitarist and composer (b. 1927)
1997 - José García Fernández, 43 year old Guardia Civil, was killed by ETA.
2008 - Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo, engineer and politician, Prime Minister of Spain between 1981 and 1982 (b. 1926)
2009 - Pablo Lizcano, journalist (b. 1951).