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May 31

Saints Day: Petronila, Visitación de la Virgen María
Regional fiesta day in Castilla-La Mancha

1565 - In the present province of Tucuman (northwestern Argentina), the Spanish military Diego de Villarroel repopulated for the third time the place that the natives called Ibatin ('river bank down from the broken') and baptizes village of San Miguel of Tucuman. In 1550, Juan Nuñez del Prado had founded with the name of Barco I, and in 1557, the military Juan Perez de Zorita had refounded with the name of Cañete.

Pablo Alboran - Photo www.fmdos.cl

1611 - A Royal Order was published by Felipe III ordering all the Moors still in Granada to leave the city immediately
1790 - Manuel Quimper, Spanish/Peruvian explores the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Canada
1805 - French and Spanish forces begin the assault against British forces occupying Diamond Rock, Martinique
1906 - Marriage between Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg, in Madrid. There was a terrorist attack against them as they left the cathedral, but these escaped unhurt.
1937 - German warships bombard Almería 
1986 - in the Basque Country is inaugurated, in a lawless situation, ETB 2 second channel EITB in Spanish language.
2007 - The most destructive gas explosion in the last ten years in Spain takes place in the city of Palencia, leaving nine victims and considerable damage in six blocks of houses.
2018 - A motion of no confidence in the Spanish government of Mariano Rajoy was debated and voted in the Congress of Deputies The motion successfully passed with the support of 180 deputies—those of PSOE, Unidos Podemos, Republican Left of Catalonia, Catalan European Democratic Party, Basque Nationalist Party, Compromís, EH Bildu and New Canaries—and resulted in the downfall of Mariano Rajoy's government and in Pedro Sánchez becoming new Prime Minister of Spain. Public opinion at the time was found to be overwhelmingly in favour of the motion, as revealed by polling conducted in the days previous and during the events leading to the vote. Subsequently, on 5 June, Rajoy announced his resignation as PP leader and his withdrawal from politics after having led the party for 14 years

1243 - Jaime II of Mallorca, King of Mallorca (d. 1311).
1774 - Julián Sánchez, guerrilla and soldier.
1881 - Poet and writer Fernando Villalón.
1910 - Poet Luis Rosales.
1922 - Denholm Elliot, English-Spanish actor (d. 1992)
1925 - Francesc Candel, writer and politician.
1934 - Pablo Castellano Cardialgia, lawyer and politician.
1935 - María Galiana, actress
1936 - Macrino Suárez, politician (d. 2012).
1940 - Alfonso Guerra González, top Socialist politician and right hand man to Felipe González.
1950 - José Ramón Cancer Matinero, photographer and historian.
1963 - Laudelino Cubino, cyclist.
1964 - José Ángel Arcega Aperte, basketball player.
1973 - Rodrigo Cortés, film director.
1989 – Pablo Alborán,  singer from Málaga

1410 - Martín I the Human, King of Aragón. (b. 1356)
1586 - Antonio Agustin, Spanish churchman (b 1517).
1929 - Anibal Gonzalez Alvarez Ossorio, architect.
1929 - Loreto Capella Olasagasti chef for Alfonso XII.
1949 - Fernando de los Rios Urruti, politician.
1962 - Eduard Toldrà, musician.
1978 - Josep Gonzalvo, footballer (v. 1920).
1982 - Juan Antonio Zunzunegui, novelist.
1992 - Iosu Expósito, musician and vocalist of the band Eskorbuto.
1995 - Emilio García Gómez, Spanish Arabist and director of the Real Academia de la Historia.
1995 - Antonio Flores, composer and singer.
2006 - Sculptor, Miguel Ortiz Berrocal. (b. 1933)
2011 - Gilberto Alemán, journalist and writer (b. 1931).