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May 5

Saints Day – Amador, Eulogio, Hilario and Teodoro. Nuestra Señora de Gracia. La Conversión de San Agustin.

1442 - John II of Aragon makes a pact with the nobility in the framework of the Parliament.
1437 - Abú Adb Allah Muhammad, known as Boabdil, was taken in triumph to the Alhambra palace in Granada to retake the throne of Granada while El Zagal retired to Almuñecar.
1494 - On his second voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus sights Jamaica, landing at Discovery Bay and declares Jamaica the property of the Spanish crown

Columbus discovers Jamaica - Picture mx.tuhistory.com

1545 - Carlos I of Spain created the General Archive of Simancas.
1679 - signed the Peace of Nijmegen treaty ending the war between the France of Louis XIV and the allied powers of Spain, the Netherlands and the German Empire.
1789 - two English merchant ships are seized by Spanish navy ships to protest the British occupation of Nootka Bay.
1808 - Napoleon Bonaparte and Carlos IV of Spain signed an agreement by which he renounced his crown in favour of the French emperor.
1890 - The law of universal suffrage was proclaimed.
1902 - Earthquake in Murcia – several buildings collapse.
1912 - Ebro canal opens at Tortosa, Tarragona.
1920 - Eduardo Dato forms a conservative government in Madrid.
1930 - The Central University is closed in Madrid after continued student demonstrations.
1935 - Alejandro Lerroux forms his fifth government. CEDA gets five portfolios and Gil-Robles was appointed minister of war.
1936 - held the first stage of the Tour of Spain cycle race.
1936 - Caspe (Zaragoza) begin the tasks of a pro-Aragonese status conference.
1939 - Theatre in Barcelona Poliorama drama Eduardo Marquina The holy brotherhood premieres.
1939 - is shot in Alicante Professor Eliseo Gomez Serrano.
1965 - at the airport of Tenerife Norte (Tenerife) and a plane crashes killed 32 people
1971 - OAS grants the Spanish cellist Pau Casals the title of Honorary Citizen of the Americas.
1973 - Airbus 300 presented in Madrid.
1982 - Ángel Pascual Múgica, director of the nuclear plant at Lemóniz is assassinated by ETA.
1996 - José María Aznar swears in as Prime Minister before the King.
1998 - Libya, Manuel Fraga are against isolation and embargo Gaddafi.
1998 - Barcelona, eleven years after the attack by ETA in the Hipercor stores, 12 of the affected receive 106 million pesetas in compensation.
2002 - at the Circuito de Jerez, the Spanish rider Fonsi Nieto achieves victory in the 250cc class at the GP of Spain.
2004 - Paris World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) is created, based in Barcelona.
2005 - The multinational IBM chooses Madrid as headquarters for southern Europe.
2005 - Argentine poet Juan Gelman gets the Reina Sofía Iberoamerican Poetry Award for his entire career.
2006 - The Civil Guard dismantled an international network that was dedicated to the exploitation of underwater archaeological remains in Spain.
2006 - In Madrid, police dismantled a network of illegal medical clinics for Chinese citizens and arrested several quacks.

1282 - Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena (d. 1348)
1641 - Cipriano Barace, jesuit missionary.
1775 - Pablo Morillo, soldier (d. 1837).
1826 - Eugénie de Montijo, Empress of France (1853-71) born in Granada (d. 1920)
1846 - Federico Chueca, composer born in Madrid (d. 1908)
1882 - Pío del Río Hortega, doctor (d. 1945).
1886 - Manuel Borguño, pianist, composer, choral director and pedagogue, born in Rubí (d. 1973)
1894 - Josep María de Sagarra, writer.
1913 - Lola Lemos, actress (d. 2009).
1920 - Vicente Ferrer Moncho, priest and philanthropist (d. 2009).
1942 - Writer and politician, Joaquín Leguina.
1943 - Raphael Martos, singer and actor.
1943 - Ignacio Ramonet, journalist and author
1945 - César Alierta, President of Telefónica.
1952 - Jorge Llopart, race walker
1955 - Pedro Piqueras, TV journalist.
1961 - Pedro Reyes, humorist.
1979 - David Janer, actor.
1980 - Albert Lopo, football player.
1983 - Joan Verdú, footballer.
2003 - Carlos Alcaraz, tennis player

1028 - Alfonso V – King of León and Galicia.
1773 - Enrique Flórez, religious man and historian (b 1702.)
1804 - Antonio José de Cavanilles, botanist and scientist.
1914 - Eugenio Montero Ríos, politician and jurer.
1972 - Josep Samitier, footballer
1998 - Juan Gimeno, cyclist (b. 1913).
2010 - Carlos Llano Cifuentes, philosopher, a member of Opus Dei.
2011 - Antonio Bernad, artist (b. 1917).