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November 14

Saint’s Day for Serapión, Lorenzo, Clementino and Veneranda

0684 - The Fourth Council of Toledo starts.
1879 - Spain established by Royal Decree the Metric System compulsory from July 1880.
1921 - the Communist Party of Spain, ‘El Partido Comunista de España’ was officially constituted and issues the first edition of Mundo Obrero .
1924 - In Barcelona, the radio announcer María Sabater performs the first broadcast of Radio Barcelona, dean of Spanish radio.

HMS Ark Royal 1941 - https://en.wikipedia.org/

1941 - The HMS Ark Royal, the third ship to bear the name in the British Royal Navy, sunk in the Strait of Gibraltar after being hit by a German torpedo.
1954 - Manuel Tarín Iglesias, director of Radio Barcelona, on the occasion of his 30 years, changes the name of the Annual Contest of Guiones by Premios Ondas, in honor of the magazine Ondas (that would disappear in 1936, after Spanish Civil War).
1975 - The tripartite Madrid Agreement was signed, by which Spain handed over its territory in Western Sahara to Morocco and Mauritania.
1989 - Serious flooding affects Málaga.
2012 - A general strike takes place in Spain and other European countries.
2016 - The new Cervantes Theatre in London premiers their first performance with ‘Bodas de Sangre’ by Federico García Lorca, produced by The Spanish Theatre Company, led by the actor, director and producer Jorge de Juan.
2022 - The preferred means of job seeking for unemployed people in Spain is to ask friends and family, official data reveals, about a trend which is closely linked to the ingrained tradition of 'enchufe', it's more about who you known than what you know

1907 - Pedro Arrupe, priest.
1910 - José María Ríos García, geologist.
1913 - Mariano Navarro Rubio, Minister for Tax between 1967 and 1965, and then Governor of the Bank of Spain for the next five years, was born in Burbáguena, Teruel. He was one of the architects of the National Plan for Economic Stability during his time as Minister and was, along with Miguel Boyer, a Socialist Tax Minister in the early 1980s, embroiled in the alleged insider trading scandal involving a subsidiary of the Ibercorp investment bank.
1917 - Rafael Abella, writer.
1923 - Carlos Seco Serrano, historian.
1926 - Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nájera, writer and psychiatrist.
1927 - Narciso Yepes, classical (Orquesta Nacionale 1947) guitarist and composer, born in Lorca (d. 1997)
1931 - Antonio Roig Muntaner, teacher.
1936 - Antonio Gades,flamenco dancer and choreographer, was born in Elda, Alicante province, as Antonio Esteve Ródenas. He was director of the Spanish National Ballet between 1979 and 1980.
1936 - Josefina Molina, film and theatre director.
1961 - Antonio Flores, singer was born in Madrid: he committed suicide in 1995, just two weeks after the death of his mother, the world-famous flamenco dancer, singer and actress, Lola Flores.(d. 1995)
1980 - Carlos Cabezas, basketball player gold medal in the 2006 Mundobasket.
1981 - José Alberto Benítez, cyclist.
1985 - Elena Gómez, gymnast.

1739 - Juan de Galavis, Spanish Roman Catholic archbishop of Santo Domingo and Bogotá (b. 1683)
1813 - Antonio de Capmany, writer, historian and politician (b. 1742)
1946 - Manuel de Falla, pianist and composer (b. 1876)
Ramón Menendez Pidal - https://www.biografiasyvidas.com/
1968 - Ramón Menendez Pidal, was a Spanish philologist and historian. He worked extensively on the history of the Spanish language and Spanish folklore and folk poetry. One of his main topics was the history and legend of El Cid. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 26 separate years, thus, being the most nominated person (b. 1869 in A Coruña)
1969 - José Ignacio Aldecoa, novelist and nephew of the painter Adrián Aldecoa (b. 1925)
1992 - Gregorio Prieto Muñoz, painter associated with the generation of 27 (b. 1897)
2004 - Daniel Gil Pila, was one of the leading Spanish graphic designers of the 20th century. Born in Santander, Daniel Gil studied in the Academy of Fine Arts of Madrid. In the early 1950's he attended the Ulm School of Design, where he was a disciple of Otl Archer (b. 1930 in Santander)
2011 - Josep Pernau, journalist (b. 1930)
2011 - Álvaro Caruncho, painter (b. 1948)