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November 17

Saint’s Day for: Lisardo, Victoria, Dionisio and Aniano.

1499 - Vicente Yáñez Pinzón leaves the port of Palos de la Frontera, with four ships, with which they arrived in Brazil.
1511 - England, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire sign anti-French covenant The Treaty of Westminster
1557 - The Spanish navigator, Juan Ladrillero, set sail from Valdivia, Chile to explore the Strait of Magellan and the Patagonian Canals.

This stamp commemorates the expedition of Juan Fernández Ladrillero in 1557 - sio.midco.net

1556 - Philip II issued a series of stringent measures against the Moors of Granada in synthesis affected the use of the Arabic language and its Muslim customs.
1659 - Peace in the Pyrenees signed by France and Spain.
1987 - First official policy visit by a King or Queen of Spain in Thailand, the ancient Kingdom of Siam.
1997 - Francisco Umbral, obtains the National Award for Literature.
2009 - The Spanish ship Alakrana and its crew of 36 are released after a US$3.5 million ransom is paid
2016 - ‘The King called on the politicians to act against disenchantment’. The Monarch opened the XII legislature calling for political regeneration and cross party agreements. He underlined dialogue must ‘be within the Law’ with reference to Cataluña.
2017 - ‘Drought decree for Málaga’ – agreement reached between those environmental and the affected – the Junta has opened a new project for discussion to work from next year with the objective of guaranteeing water supplies for the next two years to hold more water in the reservoirs – then the water resources will be shared across the province.

1453 - Alfonso de Castilla, infant of Castilla (d. 1468)
1729 - Marie Antoinette of Spain, Queen of Sardinia (d. 1785)
1834 - Eugenio Madrid Ruiz, lawyer and politician.
1890 - Gregorio Modrego, priest (d. 1972)
1900 - Enrique Pérez Comendador, sculptor (d. 1981)
1910 - Venturita Núñez, bullfighter.
1913 - Ramón Mendezona Roldán, journalist.
1919 - Luis Martínez de Irujo y Artázcoz, noble man (d. 1972)
1937 - Pilar Salarrullana, writer and politician (d. 2009)
1943 - Juan José Palacios "Tele", musician, from the group Triana based in Seville (d. 2002)
1959 - Juan Carlos Pérez Rojo, footballer.
1963 - Patxi Salinas, footballer.
1968 - Alberto Urdiales, handball player.
1972 - José Ángel Barrueco, writer.
1974 - Berto Romero, comedian and actor.
1993 - Ariadna Castellano, actress.

1562 - Antoine of Navarre (b. 1518)
1928 - Juan José Muñoz de Madariaga, engineer (b. 1846)
1942 - Manuel Hugué, the Catalan painter writer and sculptor.
1986 - José María Ruiz Gallardón, PP politician and minister (b. 1927)
1998 - Fernando Quiñones, the prize-winning poet, novelist, journalist, essayist and short story writer from Chiclana, died in Cádiz. (b. 1930)
2007 - Gregorio López Raimundo, politician.
2009 - Javier Velasco Yeregui, priest and theologian (b. 1964)
2012 - Miliki (Emilio Aragón Bermúdez), clown, accordionist and Spanish singer (b. 1929)