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November 19

Saint’s Day for Crispin, Maximo, Severino, Feliciano and Ponciano.

936 - Construction begins on the Medina Azahara, the Moorish palace city on the outskirts of present-day Córdoba, on the first day of Muharram in the Islamic year of 325.
1423 - Alfonso V of Aragon returns to Catalonia after the revolt of Naples, sacking Marseilles in the return trip.

The Prado Museum - https://www.eurocheapo.com/

1493 - Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico on his second voyage. He named the island San Juan Bautista.
1809 - Spain suffers its single greatest defeat in the Peninsular War at the Battle of Ocaña, where 30,000 French troops defeated the Spanish army of some 50,000 men.
1810 - Las Cortes de Cádiz approve the treaty of alliance with England January 14, 1809.
1819 - The Prado Museum opens in Madrid, under the direction of Marquess de Santa Cruz and of painter Vicente López.
1850 - The Teatro Real was opened.
1854 - San Fernando (Cádiz) saw the blessing of the Church-Pantheon of Illustrious Sailors.
1859 - The Africa war starts between Spain and Morocco.
1875 - General Martinez Campos ends Carlist last pockets of resistance in Catalonia.
1879 - Alfonso XII contracts second nuptials with the Austrian Archduchess Maria Cristina of Hapsburg-Lorraine in Madrid.
1933 - Universal suffrage in the general election in Spain. It gave a victory to the right.
1937 - The first railroad was inaugurated in Cuba. The Havana-Bejucal, being the first in Latin America and Spain.
1937 - Decree creating the National Council of the Movement in Spain.
1952 - Spain joins UNESCO
1984 - The explosion of a raft of grisu kills 8 miners exploitation Fuels del Rio in Fabero (León)
2002 - The Greek oil tanker Prestige splits in half and sinks off the coast of Galicia, releasing over 20 million US gallons (76,000 m³) of oil in the largest environmental disaster in Spanish and Portuguese history.
2007 - Singer Amaia Montero announces her departure from the Spanish pop group La Oreja de Van Gogh.

1739 - José Ramón de Urrutia y de las Casas, captain general and military engineer (d. 1803 Madrid)
Pedro Romero Martínez - https://www.abc.es/

1754 - Pedro Romero Martínez, was a legendary bullfighter from the Romero family in Ronda. His grandfather Francisco is credited with advancing the art of using the muleta; his father and two brothers were also toreros (d. 1839)
1772 - Vicente López y Portaña, royal court painter in the reign of Ferdinand VII and one of the most important painters of his time, was born in Valencia. (d. 1850 in Madrid)
1913 - Ataulfo Argenta, Orchestra Conductor. (d, 1958)
1918 - Encarnación Margarita Isabel Verdugo Díez, popularly known as Margarita Landi, journalist. (d. 2004)
1919 - Manuel Álvarez Pruaño, bullfighter. (d. 2000)
1937 - Jose Molina (Quidada) flamenco dancer, born in Madrid (d. 2018)
1951 - José María Fraguas, television presenter.
1952 - Urruti, goalkeeper (d. 2001)
1961 - Juan José Moreno Cuenca, mythical delinquent.
1969 - Ana Álvarez, actress and model.
1973 - Abraham Gragera, poet.
1979 - Jordi Vilches, actor.
1987 - Sílvia Soler Espinosa, tennis player
1993 - Suso, footballer

1319 - Juan I of France, the Posthumous, French and King of Navarre. (b. 1316). ...lived 5 days.
1923 - Jacinto Octavio Picón, writer, critic, art painter and journalist. (b. 1852 in Madrid)
1935 - Silverio Izaguirre, footballer (b. 1897)

1963 - Carmen Amaya Amaya was a Spanish Romani flamenco dancer and singer, born in the Somorrostro district of Barcelona. She has been called 'the greatest Flamenco dancer ever and 'the most extraordinary personality of all time in flamenco dance' (b. 1913 Barcelona)
1984 - Martín Marculeta, footballer. (b. 1907)
1995 - José Martín Colmenarejo, cyclist (b. 1936)
2001 - El Mundo newspaper’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Julio Fuentes Serrano, was killed with three others on the road between Jalalabad and Kabul. (b. 1954 in Madrid)
2007 - Soledad Ortega Spottorno, intellectual (b.1917)
2008 - Anabel Ochoa, sexologist, writer and speaker (b. 1955)