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November 2

All Souls’ Day. Saint’s Day for Justo and Jorge.

0655 - Toledo celebrated the Fourth Council of Toledo.
1327 - Alfonso IV the Benign, is proclaimed king of Aragon after the death of his father James II.

Queen Sofía of Spain

1502 - Christopher Columbus discovers the Bay of Portobelo.
1541 - Álvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca embarks in Cadiz (Spain) in relief mission to the people that Pedro de Mendoza had moved to Rio de la Plata.
1769 - In U.S.A, Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola discovered the Gulf of San Francisco.
1936 - In Leganes (Madrid), loyal to the Republic troops of the National Band entered the city.
1964 - Barcelona, a fire destroyed the old Encantes.
1971 - The weekly newspaper Triumph reappears after four months of suspension ordered by the Franco government.
1986 - the Basque businessman, Lucio Aguinagalde Aizpurua is freed by the Basque Police force, the Ertzaintza, 18 days after he was kidnapped by ETA. The patrol which freed him was led by Genaro García de Andoain, who died in the assault on the cave where the businessman was being held.
2005 - a lengthy debate in Congress approves admitting the proposed text of the new Catalan Statute for parliamentary debate.
2006 - Congress approves the new Statute for Andalucía, the only reformed Statute to be passed in the Lower Chamber with no votes against. The text was approved by parliament the following month, and then in a referendum by the people of Andalucía in February the following year.
2015 - The storm which affected Alicante province swallowed beaches in Alicante and Las Marinas, felled more than 200 trees, 150 in Rojales, flooded and blocked streets and led to the closure of seven colleges where bad maintenance revealed leaking roofs.
Flooding at Calpe - www.informacion.es

1549 - Anna of Austria, fourth wife of Philip II of Spain, born in Cigales (d.1580)
1765 - José Alós Mora, soldier and politician (d. 1844)
1836 - José Menéndez, coloniser.
1846 - Antonio Peña y Goñi, composer, born in San Sebastián (d. 1896)
1846 - José María Menéndez Menéndez, businessman (d. 1918)
1876 - Eustaquio Gopar, politician, one of the "Last of the Philippines" was twice mayor of his hometown. Named favorite son of Fuerteventura, and Army Lieutenant Honorary Knight of the Order of Cisneros.
1913 - Carmen Amaya, flamenco dancer (d. 1963)
1921 - Fernando Sáez, painter.
1925 - Modest Cuixart, painter, founder of the group Dau al Set.
1937 - María Fernanda D'Ocón, actress.
1938 - Queen Sofia (Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark) Queen consort of King Juan Carlos i, was born in Athens to one of the oldest royal households in Europe.
1958 - Juan Ramón Lucas, TV journalist .
1965 - Juan Manuel Lillo, football trainer.
1968 - Jaume Balagueró, film director.
1968 - Juan Ramón López Muñiz, football player and trainer.
1970 - Joel Joan, actor, scriptwriter and director.
1986 - Héctor Barberá, motorcyclist.
1987 - Karim El-Kerem, Spanish actor of United States origin.

1285 - Pedro III, King of Aragón (b. 1239).
1327 - Jaime II el Justo, King of Aragón (b. 1267)
1781 - José Francisco de Isla, Jesuit and writer (b. 1703)
1839 - Carlos d'Espagnac, Count of Spain, assassinated in Organya.
1993 - Severo Ochoa, scientist (b. 1905)
2003 - Fernando Vizcaíno Casas, lawyer and writer.
2009 - José Luis López Vázquez, actor (b. 1922)