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November 22

Saint’s Day for Cecilia, Ananías, Mauro, Marcos and Filemón.

1462 - Is commemorated as the day the Romani people first arrived in Andalucía.
1504 - Fernando the Catholic grants the condition of town to Colmenar Viejo.
1542 - Spain delegates 'New Laws' against  slavery in America
1559 - Ruling by Felipe II of Spain by which the Spanish were prohibited from studying abroad
1574 - The navigator Juan Fernández, during a tour of the Pebble to Valparaíso, discovers the archipelago that bears his name, due to the deviation that produced a storm.
1822 - The Congress of Verona (Italy) decides the shipment to Spain of the Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis.

Ramón Torres - www.leandroaviacion.blogspot.com

1934 - Ramón Torres, the pilot sets off for Africa, and becomes the first Spanish aviator to cross the Sahara Desert.
1964 - MPAIAC (Movement for Self-determination and Independence of the Canary Archipelago) is founded in Algeria.
1975 - Don Juan Carlos de Borbón is proclaimed King Juan Carlos I of Spain, two days after the death of General Franco as monarchy restored after 31 years
1978 - The Spanish courts approve the Statute for the Autonomy for Galicia.
1985 - Julio Caro Baroja received the Spanish National Prize for Literature.
1986 - Prince Felipe of Borbón presided in Oviedo for the first time the granting of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
2016 - the Government is to postpone the Budget to gain time’. The Treasury will present the accounts in January or February 2017 with the aim of releasing pressure during the negotiation. The PP has ruled out primary elections to choose a new Cabinet.

1602 - Isabel de Borbón, queen consort of Felipe IV of Spain (1621-44) born in Palace of Fontainebleau  (d. 1644)
1833 - Cecilio Pujazón y García, soldier and astronomer (d. 1891)
1841 - Manuel Aguirre, sculptor. (d. 1900)
1860 - Cecilio Pla, painter (d. 1934)
1874 - Cristóbal de Castro, writer (d. 1953)
1877 - Joan Gamper, Swiss-Spanish footballer, founded FC Barcelona (d. 1930)
1891 - Joaquín Planells Riera, soldier and politician (d. 1969)
1901 - Joaquín Rodrigo, pianist and composer , born in Sagunto (d. 1999)
1918 - Blas Piñar López was a far right politician, having connections to Catholic organisations during the Francoist dictatorship he directed the Institute of Hispanic Culture and served as procurador in the Cortes and as national councillor. He later became a member of the Congress of Deputies in 1979 (d. 2014 Madrid)
1922 - Raimundo Pérez Lezama, goalkeeper (d. 2007)
1932 - Fernando Guillén, actor (d. 2013)
1935 - Esperanza Roy, actress.
1944 - Miguel García-Posada, poet, essayist and teacher (d. 2012)
1950 - Paloma San Basilio, singer-songwriter and producer
1960 - Jorge Villalmanzo, writer (d. 2012)
1977 - Celia Blanco, porn actress.
1979 - Raúl Arévalo, actor.

1868 - Manuel Moreno López, politician (b. 1815)
1898 - Enrique de las Morenas y Fossi, politician, governor in the Philippines. (b. 1855)
1929 - Jaume Ferran i Clua. the Spanish bacteriologist who discovered the first vaccine against cholera.
1996 - María Casares, Spanish-French actress (b. 1922)
2001 - Luis Antoni Santaló, mathematician who graduated from the University of Madrid and he studied at the University of Hamburg, where he received his Ph D in 1936. (b. 1911 Girona)
2002 - Beatriz de Borbón y Battenberg, aunt to King Juan Carlos I of Spain, died at the age of 93 in Rome.
2002 - Juan Grijalbo, editor. (b. 1911)
2010 - Urbano Navarrete, cardinal (b. 1920)
2012 - Pablo Pérez-Mínguez, photographer (b. 1946)