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November 29

Saint’s Day for Iluminada, Filomeno, Blas, and Demetrio.

1291 - In Monteagudo de las Vicarías, Jaime II and Sancho IV signed the Monteagudo treaty
1777 - San Jose, California, is founded as Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe by José Joaquín Moraga. It is the first civilian settlement or pueblo in Alta California 
1807 - John VI of Portugal flees Lisbon from advancing Napoleonic forces during the Peninsular War, transferring the Portuguese court to Brazil
1835 - General Espoz and Mina declares a state of siege in Barcelona.
1878 - The Constitutive Act of the Army approved.
1879 - Alfonso XII marries his second wife, Maria Christina, Archduchess of Austria and Princess Imperial of Hungary and Bohemia. She was Queen Regent of Spain between 1886 and 1902 until her son, Alfonso XIII, reached majority.

Queen Regent of Spain - www.wikipedia.es

1899 - The day FC Barcelona was founded, with the first club meeting which took place at the Gimnàs Sole, by Catalan, Spanish and Englishmen. It later develops into one of Spanish football's most iconic and strongest teams
1936 - The Spanish government threatens to strong penalties on those who hoard silver and precious metals.

1829 - José López Domínguez, politician and soldier (d. 1911)

Francisco Tárrega - https://es.wikipedia.org/

1852 - Francisco de Asís Tárrega y Eixea was a Valencian composer and classical guitarist of the late Romantic period. He is known for such pieces as Caprico Árabe and Recuerdos de la Alhambra. He is often called 'the father of classical guitar' and is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time (d. 1909 in Barcelona)
1870 - Enrique Prat de la Riba i Sarrà was a Catalan politician, lawyer and writer. He was a member of the Centre Escolar Catalanista, where one of the earliest definitions of Catalan nationalism was formulated (d. 1917)
1886 - Javier Goerlich Lleó, architect (d. 1972)
1897 - Josep Maria Millàs Vallicrosa, historian (d. 1970)
1897 - Pedro Vallana, footballer (d. 1980)
1932 - Fernando Guillén, actor (d. 2013)
1939 - Concha Velasco, actress was born in Valladolid.
1940 - Oscar Espinosa Chepe, Cuban-Spanish economist and journalist (d. 2013)
1974 - Esther López, volleyball player.
1974 - Risto Mejide, publicist and presenter.
1988 - Andrea Martinez, alternative.


Alonso de Ercilla - https://es.wikipedia.org/

1594 - Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga was a nobleman, soldier and epic poet, born in Madrid in 1533. While in Chile he fought against the Araucanians, and there he began the epic poem La Araucana, considered one of the greatest Spanish historial poems 
1865 - Ventura de la Vega, poet and dramatic author died in Madrid (b. 1807 in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
1894 - Zeferino González y Díaz Tuñón was a Spanish Dominican theologian and philosopher, Archbishop of Sevilla and Cardinel (b. 1831)
1898 - Ángel Ganivet García, writer. (b. 1865)
1901 - Francisco Pi y Margall, politician, president of the Republic in 1873 (b. 1824)
1976 - José María Arizmendiarrieta, Basque priest (b. 1915)
1991 - Luis Calvo, journalist, director of ABC.
2006 - Allen Carr, English-Spanish accountant and author (b. 1934)