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November 4

Saint’s Day for Carlos Borromeo, Porfirio, Modesta and Vidal.

0683 - The Eighth Council of Toledo begins.
1359 - Muhammad V of Granada leaves from Guadix into exile in North Africa, having been deposed by his brother Ismail.
1501 - Catherine of Aragon (later Henry VIII's first wife) meets Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII's older brother – they would later marry.
1501 - Philip de Blank & Juana 'la Loca' depart to Spain
1519 - The movement of the Germanies starts in Valencia.
1549 - Pragmatic sanction of Carlos V. promulgating
1576 - Spanish forces capture Antwerp in the Eighty Years War, or the Dutch War of Independence.

Pilar Primo de Rivera - photo https://es.wikipedia.org/

1741 - Departs from Barcelona the Spanish naval expedition under the Duke of Montemar, to invade the Milanese.
1780 - Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui aka Tupac Amaru starts his Rebellion on Peru against Spain.
1811 - The General Francisco Ballesteros with 400 countrymen expires in Bornos (Cádiz) to the French troops of General Semele.
1901 - Clashes between republicans and anarchists in Barcelona.
1909 - Jaime de Bourbon becomes the new representative of Carlism.
1950 - The United Nations rescinds its resolution condemning the Franco regime.
1955 - The Juan March Foundation is created in Madrid
1967 - Racing Club won the Intercontinental Cup after beating Celtic by 1-0.
1974 - The first air bridge from Madrid to Barcelona starts.
1981 - Opening in Madrid of the First Ibero-American Summit of Economic Cooperation.
1990 - Arancha Sanchez Vicario tennis player was proclaimed champion for the second consecutive year.
1991 - Mid East peace conference ends in Madrid
1997 - Manuel Lourenzo Galician playwright is awarded the National Prize for Dramatic Literature for his work indecent evenings.
2000 - Spanish writer Enrique Vila-Matas wins the Herralde Prize novel with the work Montano's Malady.
2004 - Madrid, the exhibition Warriors Xi'an (China) is inaugurated.
2004 - French police stops in Paris to a suspected member of ETA commando member of Vizcaya.
2005 - The Supreme Court sentence Arnaldo Otegi, leader of Batasuna, a year in prison for the crime of "insulting the king."
2005 - SEAT automobile presents a record of employment regulation to dismiss 1346 workers, 10% of the workforce.
2005 - The Spanish company Animalario received the National Theater Award for the work Hamelin, by Juan Mayorga.
2010 - Santiago Sierra awarded the National Prize for Plastic Arts.
2022 - Spain passes startups and digital nomad law which will bring tax benefits and other perks to entrepreneurs, remote workers and digital nomads who want to live and work in Spain

1569 - Guillén de Castro, dramatist.
1798 - Bonaventura Carles Aribau, writer and economist.
1836 - Eduardo Rosales, painter.
1855 - Rosa Martínez Lacosta, writer.
1868 - Carolina 'La Belle' Otero, actress, singer, and courtesan, born in Valga, Galicia (d. 1965)
1880 - Zacarías de Vizcarra, bishop (d. 1963)
1904 - Carlos Castellano Gómez, composer.
1907 - Pilar Primo de Rivera, leader of the Seccíon Femenina (Women’s Section) of Falange Española, the political movement founded by her brother.
1921 - Antonio el Bailarín, dancer and choreographer, born in Sevilla (d. 1996)
1929 - Emilio Aragón Bermúdez, clown, singer, and accordion player (d. 2012)
1940 - Carlos Echeverría, cyclist.
1947 - Miguel María Lasa, cyclist.
1963 - Rosario Flores, singer and actress.
1965 - Lois Xosé Pereira, writer.
1970 - Elisabet Bargalló, actress.
1990 - Paula Ribó, actress.

1381 - Pedro de Aragón, son of King Jaime II of Aragón.
1664 - Gaspar Perez de Guzman and Sandoval, IX Duke of Medina Sidonia and Xll Count of Niebla
1915 - Tomás Meabe Bilbao, founder of Juventudes Socialistas de España, the youth wing of the PSOE party, died in Madrid.
1925 - Alonso Quesada, writer (b. 1885)
1939 - Manuel Acero, politician and unionist (b. 1875)
1940 - Manuel Azaña, prime minister of Spain (1931-33) and 2nd President of the Spanish Republic (1936-39), dies of a heart attack while in exile in France (b. 1880)
1982 - Army General Víctor Lago is killed by ETA terrorists in Madrid.
1992 - José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, filmmaker.
2006 - José del Patrocinio Romero Jiménez, painter and poet.