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November 7

Saint’s Day for Ernesto, Godofredo, Amaranto, Florencio and Aquiles.

1007 - In Zamora, Bellido Dolfos murdered King Sancho the Strong alongside the walls of the city.
1504 - Christopher Columbus returns from his fourth and last voyage
1519 - In Toledo villagers chiefs present the First Manifesto to the Spaniards against the policy of Carlos I.
1659 - the Treaty of the Pyrenees put an end to the Franco-Spanish conflict which began in the Thirty Years War and defines the new border between the two countries.

Louis XIV of France and Philip IV of Spain meeting on Pheasant Island for the Treaty of the Pyrenees.- https://www.historytoday.com/

1705 - Barcelona, Archduke Carlos was proclaimed King of Spain.
1733 - France and Spain sign the first of the Family Pacts in El Escorial, the agreements signed for a stable international alliance following the War of Spanish Succession.
1822 - Madrid University is officially inaugurated as Universidad de Madrid, changing its name to Universidad Central in 1850, and later to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
1823 - General Riego is publicly executed in Madrid,
1820 revolted in Las Cabezas de San Juan (Sevilla), in the so-called Statement of Irrigation.
1841 - In Madrid a regiment led by General Concha y León, who stormed the royal palace to seize the Queen Elizabeth II of Spain revolts. The rebels were defeated.
1873 - in the Ten Years' War, Cubans led by Maximo Gomez, beat the Spanish troops in La Sacra.
1882 - Matilde Castells is awarded the title of Doctor of Medicine, the first woman to receive the title in Spain.
1936 - Spanish Civil War. The Madrid Defence Council is formed to coordinate the Defence of Madrid against nationalist forces
1944 - Train crashes in tunnel of Aguadilla, about 500 die
1970 - Madrid, radioactive escape of a civilian-military nuclear research complex that pollutes the Manzanares, Jarama and Tagus rivers
1978 - Felipe González Márquez, the man who would become Socialist Prime Minister of Spain from 1982-1996, was elected Vice-President of the worldwide organisation of Socialist parties, Socialist International.
1987 - the Spanish scientist and former Education and Science Minister, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, is named Director General of UNESCO. He held the position for 12 years.
2005 - The TV channel Canal + canceled their analog transmissions. Its frequency is occupied by four. At that time both companies were owned by Sogecable. Canal + continued its satellite broadcast.
2010 - Barcelona, Pope Benedict XVI -during his second trip to Spain- consecrates the Sagrada Família as a minor basilica.
2022 - Four people were killed and four others seriously injured after a car rammed into members of a wedding party, following a fight, police said

994 - Mohammad Ibn Hazm, Andalucía historian, jurist and author of Islamic Spain born in Córdoba, Caliphate of Córdoba (d. 1064)
1579 - Juan de Peñalosa y Sandoval, painter.
1598 - Francisco de Zurbarán, artist friend and contemporary of Velázquez, born in Fuente de Cantos (d. 1664)
1786 - Francisco Andreví y Castellar, choirmaster and composer, born in Sanaüja (d 1853)
1896 - Aquiles Cuadra, lawyer (d. 1939)
1900 - José Crespo Férez, actor
1903 - Pepe Marchena, flamenco singer (d. 1976)
1911 - Juan Segura de Lago, architect (d. 1972)
1920 - Joan Perucho, writer and journalist.
1920 - Ignacio Eizaguirre, footballer (d. 2013)
1921 - Manuel Fernández Álvarez, historian.
1929 - Jesús de Polanco, publisher and businessman founder of the Prisa media group.(d.2007)
1943 - Miguel Rellán, actor.
1976 - Alberto Entrerríos, handball player.
1977 - María Sánchez Lorenzo, tennis player
1980 - Gervasio Deferr, gymnast
1987 - Jesús Carroza, actor .
1990 - Daniel Ayala, footballer
1990 - David de Gea, goalkeeper

1823 - Rafael de Riego, soldier.
1958 - Antonio Royo Villanova, journalist (b. 1869)
1972 - José Mallorquí, writer (b. 1913)
2003 - Juanjo Menéndez, actor.
2006 - Mara Goyanes, actress.
2012 - Carmen Martínez Sierra, actress (b. 1904)
2013 - Amparo Rivelles, actress (b. 1925)