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October 12

Día de la Hispanidad and Saint’s Day for Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the patron saint of Zaragoza.

1492 - the explorer, Christopher Columbus, discovers the New World when he lands on the island of Guanahani in the Bahamas. He named the island San Salvador.
The date is now celebrated as Spain’s National Day, the Día de la Hispanidad.

Christopher Columbus - www.wikipedia.org

1504 - Queen Isabella 1 signs her testament
1570 - In New Spain (Mexico) Villa of Our Lady of the Assumption of Zalaya (present Celaya) was founded.
1698 - France, England and the Netherlands in The Hague signed a treaty to divide the territories of the Crown of Spain, the death without descendants of Carlos II of Spain.
1700 - Carlos II of Spain appoints successor to the French pretender to the crown of Spain.
1748 - War of Jenkin's Ear. A British squadron wins a tactical victory over a Spanish squadron off Havana
1789 - French Revolution; King Louis XVI writes secretly to the King of Spain about complaining of harsh treatment; the Count of Artois, writes to the Austrian king requesting military intervention in France
1792 - Columbus Day is celebrated for the first time in the United States, in New York City.
1968 - the Spanish provinces of Fernando Pó and Río Muni achieve independence as the Republic of Equatorial Guinea after 190 years of Spanish rule.
1992 - Sevilla sees the closure of the Universal Exhibition.
2019 - Centre-back Sergio Ramos becomes Europe's most capped maie outfield football player (168 caps) as Spain draws 1-1 with Norway in Euro 2020 qualification in Oslo
2022 - Murcia health is to invest €52m to instal solar panels on all their hospitals, to reduce energy spending by 33%

1580 - Hortensio Felix Paravicino, speaker and poet of the Golden Age. (d. 1633)
1656 - Juan de Goyeneche, editor, journalist and politician (.1735).
1745 - Félix María Samaniego, writer (d. 1801)
1834 - Philippine Amalia of Bourbon and Bourbon the Sicilies, Infanta of Spain (d.1905)
1898 - Félix Sesúmaga, footballer (d. 1925)
1901 - Galo Salvador, eldest brother of Salvador Dalí.
1912 - Dionisio Ridruejo, politician of the generation of 36. (d. 1975)
1918 - Francisco Javier Saenz de Oiza, architect (d. 2000)
1947 - Manuel Asur, poet (Asturias).
1952 - Gonzalo Santonja, writer and literary critic.
1954 - Xuacu Amieva, bagpiper.
1956 - Rafael Ábalos author of the bestseller book Grimpow:The Invisible Road published in 2007. The children's fantasy novel was about a boy finding a mysterious amulet in France who becomes a focus of a 'centuries-old mission' to enlighten humanity. According to a review in Publishers Weekly, Ábalos 'blends the grand-scale storytelling prowess and epic quest element of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings with the cryptographic intrigue of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code' and gave it a positive review
1961 - Miguel Porlán "Chendo" footballer.
1969 - Judit Mascó, model and actress
1970 - Pilar Castro, actress.
1990 - Melody, singer-songwriter and dancer
1997 - Boris, Prince of Bulgaria, born in Madrid

1600 - Luis de Molina, priest and philosopher (b. 1535)
1869 - Julian Sanz del Rio, philosopher. (b. 1814)
1872 - Juana Maria de los Dolores of Leon Smith, wife of the governor of the Cape Colony. (b. 1798)
1890 - Gumersindo Laverde Ruiz, writer, journalist and philosopher. (b 1835)
1952 - Marceliano Santa María Sedano, painter (b. 1866)
1978 - Lluís Pericot García, archaeologist (b. 1899)
1981 - Antonio Romañá Pujó, mathematician and priest (b. 1900)
2007 - Manuela Vargas figure in flamenco dancing (b. 1937)
2009 - Enrique Miret Magdalena, theologian and chemist (b. 1914)
2010 - Manuel Alexandre, actor (b. 1917).
2010 - José Casas Gris, footballer (b. 1931)