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October 20

Saint’s Day for Adelina, Caprasio, Artemio, Jorge and Aurelio.

1500 - Ferdinand and Isabella issued a Royal Decree of constitution of the municipality of Granada.
1548 - The city of Nuestra Señora de La Paz (Our Lady of Peace) is founded by Alonso de Mendoza by appointment of the king of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V.
1568 - The Spanish Duke of Alba defeats a Dutch rebel force under William the Silent
1572 - Eighty Years' War; Three thousand Spanish soldiers wade through fifteen miles of water in one night to effect the relief of Goes
1975 - Green March begins on the Sahara to force the abandonment of Spanish positions.
1979 - Barcelona, Spain, is inaugurated La Masia, the training center of the lower divisions of FC Barcelona.
1981 - Andalucía’s first Statute of Autonomy is ratified by referendum.

1982 - the Tous Dam, on the Júcar River, Valencia, gives way in torrential rain - up to 700 m per square metre. More than 30 people were killed.
1989 - Camilo José Cela is announced as the Nobel Laureate in Literature.
2005 - Santiago Carrillo, leader of the Spanish Communist Party – PCE – between 1960 and 1982, was granted a Honorary Doctorate by the Madrid Autonomous University for his role in the transition to democracy after the end of the Franco regime.
2011 - The terrorist organization ETA announced the definitive cessation of its armed activity.
2022 - The Ukrainian Presidency has demanded before representatives of the Embassies of five European countries, including Spain, a reinforcement of military aid to guarantee anti-aircraft defence against the growing Russian offensive, "one of the main priorities" of Kiev today.The head of Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, Andriy Yermack, received representatives of Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, to whom he reminded that Ukrainian cities live under constant threat of Russian attacks.

1700 - Charlotte Aglae of Orleans, daughter of Felipe de Orleans and Françoise Marie de Bourbon.
1806 - Juan Manuel Montalban, Spanish jurist.
1820 - Manuel Becerra and Bermudez, mathematician and Spanish politician, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Grand Orient of Spain.
1842 - Bartomeu Robert, doctor and politician.
1898 - Francisco Cossío, painter (d. 1970)
1900 - Rodolfo Halffter, composer and music critic, born in Madrid (d. 1987)
1903 - Juan Rejano, poet
1913 - Alejandro de la Sota, architect.
1913 - Carlos Alejandro Isabelo Ataúlfo, agronomist and provisional lieutenant of the Air Force, a member of the Spanish royal family. Son of Alfonso de Orleans y Borbon, Infante of Spain, and Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
1919 - Mariano Martin, footballer (d. 1998)
1920 - Bernardo Capó, cyclist (d. 2000)
1923 - Enric Bernat, the Catalan businessman who founded the Chupa Chups company
1925 - Antonio Bonet Correa, professor and art critic.
1928 - Pedro Ferrandiz, trainer of Spanish basketball.
1932 - Julia Gutiérrez Caba, actress.
1957 - Manuel Huerga, director of Spanish cinema.
1958 - Francisco Javier Vivas Illán, poet.
1965 - Carlos Iturgaiz, Basque politician.
1967 - Quique Andreu, basketball player.
1975 - Rafel Sastre, footballer.

1596 - Gonzalo Argote de Molina, humanist.
1682 - Antonio Coello, writer.
1652 – Antonio Coello, poet and playwright (b. 1611)
1703 - Tomas Marin de Poveda, Spanish colonial administrator, Governor of the Kingdom of Chile (1692-1700).
1821 - Félix de Azara, scientist (b. 1742)
1838 - Encarnación de Ezcurra Arguibel, wife of brigadier general Juan Manuel de Rosas.
1841 - Manuel Montes de Oca, sailor and politician.
1930 - Valeriano Weyler, soldier and politician.
1984 - José Muguerza Anitúa, footballer (b. 1911)
1997 - Manuel Rodríguez Barros, cyclist (b. 1926)
2007 - Juan Antonio Cebrián, journalist, broadcaster, author and researcher.