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October 22

Saint’s Day for María Salomé y Córdula, Marcos, Heraclio and Alodia.

1702 - The Anglo-Dutch army sinking much of the treasure fleet off the coast of Vigo.
1739 - The War of Jenkins' Ear begins with the first attack on La Guaira
1812 - Duke of Wellington seizes Burgos
1859 - Spain declares war on Morocco.
1885 - An arbitration ruling of Pope Leo XIII, recognizes the right of possession of Spain over the Caroline against German claims to the islands of the Pacific.

Fernando Alonso - Archive Photo

1901 - A large number of gold coins from the times of Nero, Antonio, Nerva, Trajan and Hadrian discovered in Castellón.
1911 - Constitutional guarantees were restored throughout Spain.
1920 - Postmen beat up an official in a post office in Madrid.
1923 - The wedding of Francisco Franco and Carmen Polo in the church of San Juan El Real de Oviedo, sponsored by Alfonso XIII held.
1935 - "Week against immoral cinema" opens in Valladolid.
1926 - It was decided to mint new coins in Spain 50 cents, to replace the small change of cupro-nickel.
1936 - They are meeting in the city of Valencia to represent the solidarity of the French intelligentsia in the struggle against fascism Louis Aragon, Elsa Triolet and two German writers.
1937 - The Duke of Alba was appointed representative of the government of Burgos in London and Sir Robert Hodgson, Britain in Salamanca.
1949 - General Franco makes a visit to Portugal.
1973 - Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon begins an official 4-day visit to France.
1977 - Spanish Justice Minister confirms the urgency of a democratic setting of the criminal law.
1979 - ETA interrupted and stopped a program on RTVE to ask "yes" to the status of Guernica.
1983 - More than 150,000 people demonstrated in Bilbao against terrorism.
2000 - ETA assassinated in Vitoria the prison officer Máximo Casado.
2002 - Juan Jose Lucas replaces Esperanza Aguirre as president of the Spanish Senate.
2004 - ETA explodes for the second time in a week, a bomb in a property in San Sebastián.
2006 - Fernando Alonso comes second in the Brazil Grand Prix and becomes Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion for the second year running.
2016 - at the Princess of Asturias Awards the King made a plea for the control of pessimism and disenchantment. In his allusions to the political scenario King Felipe VI remembered Unamuno to ask for a Spain ‘of open arms’ and to be ‘proud’ of what we have achieved ‘which is much and admirable’

1778 - Javier de Burgos, politician, journalist, dramatist and translator. (d. 1848)
1883 - José Navas-Parejo, sculptor and goldsmith. (d. 1953 Granada)
1886 - Johán Vicente Viqueira, writer. (d. 1924)
1893 - Luis Otero, footballer (d. 1955)
1896 - Francisco Gómez de Llano, politician (d. 1970)
1898 - Dámaso Alonso, the poet, scholar and literary critic, was born in Madrid. He was awarded the Premio Miguel de Cervantes – the Miguel de Cervantes Prize – in 1978, the most prestigious award in the world of Spanish language literature. (d. 1990)
1908 - José Escobar Saliente, cartoonist (d. 1994)
1911 - Jose Maria Diez-Alegria, priest and theologian (d. 2010)
1930 - Estela de Carlotto, president of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.
1930 - Jose Guardiola, singer (d. 2012)
1959 - Pedro Barthe, journalist.
1962 - Pocholo (José María Martínez Bordiú), animator and disc jockey.
1970 - Coque Malla, actor and singer, from the band Los Ronaldos.
1971 - José Ángel Mañas, writer.
1971 - José Manuel Martínez, runner
1973 - Andrés Palop, footballer.
1975 - Michel Salgado Real Madrid footballer,( 53 caps Celta Vigo, Real Madrid 251 games, Blackburn Rovers, born in As Neves, Pontevedra

1005 - Sancho III, King of Navarra. (d. 1035)
1604 - Domingo Báñez, Dominican, philosopher and theologian (b. 1528)
1973 - Pau Casals, cellist, composer and orchestra Catalan and author, among other famous compositions, the anthem of the United Nations, died in San Juan of Puerto Rico (b. 1876)
1989 - Ramon Trias Fargas, professor and politician. (b. 1922 Barcelona)
1995 - Jeros (Juan Antonio Jiménez), singer. (b. 1951 Valladolid)
1998 - Angel Picazo, actor. (b. 1917 Madrid)
2002 - Francisco Pino, poet. (b. 1910)
2010 - Arturo Tuzón, businessman and football manager (b. 1928)
2011 - Antoñete (Antonio Chenel), bullfighter (b. 1932)