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October 26

Saint’s Day for Gaudioso, Rústico, Felicísimo, Luciano and Evaristo.

1520 - Carlos V of Spain was elected Holy Roman Emperor.
1939: The International Brigades leave Spain.
1971 - La Palma (Canary Islands), Starts erupting volcano Teneguía.
2016 -  ‘Rajoy admits his weakness and has promised to open himself to dialogue’.
The acting prime minister will be re-elected on Saturday in the second vote. The PSOE have warned they cannot guarantee ‘a priori’ the stability of the Government. Rivera has asked for a permanent negotiation between the leaders of the PP and the socialists. The PSC will support with only one dissident the ‘no’ in the investiture.

Baltasar Garzón - Archive photo

1611 - Antonio Coello, author.
1783 - Jaime Alfonso el Barbudo, bullfighter.
1796 - Evaristo de San Miguel, soldier.
1856 - José Ramón Mélida, archaeologist (d. 1933)
1856 - José Ortega Munilla, journalist and author, father of the Spanish philosopher, José Ortega y Gasset, was born in Cárdenas, Cuba.
1871 - Joaquín Chapaprieta, politician
1885 - Cipriana Machado Ruiz, daughter of folklorist Demófilo and sister of the poets Antonio and Manuel Machado.
1908 - Pilar Careaga Basabe, engineer and politician (d. 1993)
1915 - Ramon Sabates i Massanell, cartoonist.
1923 - The Catalan biochemist, Joan Oró, and a pioneer in research into the origins of life, was born in Lleida. A son of a baker, he emigrated to the United States in 1952, where he later worked with NASA on a number of space projects. One of the most important moments of his career was in December 1959, when he succeeded in synthesising adenine, a key component of DNA.
1933 - José Moreno, actor.
1937 - Rafael Moneo, architect.
1955 - Baltasar Garzón, former National Court judge,was born in Torres, Jáen province.
1957 - Manuel Rivas, writer, poet, essayist and journalist.
1961 - Manel Estiarte, water polo player.
1968 - Jesús Gómez Cos, soccer player and trainer.
1975 - Carlos Pardo, poet.

1111 - Gómez González Castillian nobleman and military leader (b.1067)
1243 - Bernat Calbó, religious man
1580 - Ana de Austria, Queen Consort (1570-1580), fourth wife of Philip II of Spain, (b. 1550)
1608 - Juan Pantoja de la Cruz, painter (b. 1553)
1802 - Felipe González Ahedo, soldier and map maker (b. 1714)
1922 - Manuel Ramos Rejano, ceramist and industrialist (b. 1851)
2000 - Jesús Puente, actor.
2009 - Sabino Fernández Campo, soldier (b. 1918)
2010 - Francisco Garfias López, poet (b. 1921)
2010 - Llàtzer Escarceller, actor (b. 1914)
2011 - Francisco Villar García-Moreno, politician (b. 1948)
2011 - Juan Churruca, politician and professor (b. 1923)