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October 27

Saint’s Day for Vicente, Sabina, Cristeta, Florencio and Capitolina.

1535 - Spanish King Carlos V granted to Cholula the title of city.
1795 - Pinckney’s Treaty (also known as the Treaty of San Lorenzo) was signed between Spain and the USA at San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

The Treaty of Friendship, Limits and Navigation established the 31st parallel as the border between Spanish West Florida and the US, allowed the US free navigation of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico, and the right to deposit goods in New Orleans. It was negotiated for the US by Thomas Pinckney and, for Spain, by the Prime Minister, Manuel de Godoy.
1807 - Godoy also negotiated the secret Fontainebleau Treaty, signed with Napoleon Bonaparte on 27th October 1807, by which the two countries agreed to jointly attack Portugal and divide up Portuguese territory.
1810 - United States annexes the former Spanish colony of West Florida.
1834 - In the framework of the First Carlist War the Battle of Alegría de Álava takes place.
1980 - First time an acting King of Spain treads on Japanese soil.
1992 - Spain becomes a non permanent member of the Security Council of United Nations.
2003 - The Picasso Malaga Museum was officially inaugurated
2010 - Presented in the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Academy the new Dictionary of Americanisms, the result of ten years of work of the twenty-two Spanish Language Academies.
2017 - Puigdemont has opened article 155 and denies to call another election’ – the Catalan president will transfer to the Catalan Parliament the possible declaration of independence. The Senate will today permit Rajoy to intervene in the autonomous region and to dismiss the entire Catalan Govern. The Government will announce dismissals and designate a managing commission until the next election

1833 - Vicente Arias Castellanos, Luthier, famous for making guitars (d. 1914 Madrid)
1866 - Vicente Medina, writer (d. 1937)
1867 - Luis del Val, in Zaragoza Awards, Ondas Award for National Radio, Best Radio Programme or Slot that Stands Out as per its Originality 
1869 - Francisco de las Barras de Aragón, botanist and anthropologist (d. 1955)
1897 - Josep Trueta, scientist surgeon and doctor (d. 1972 Barcelona)
1917 - Antonio González y González, chemist (d. 2002)
1934 - Elias Querejeta, film producer.
1936 - Conchita Bautista, singer and actress.
1949 - Julio Cardeñosa, footballer.
1962 - Ángel Pedraza, football player and trainer (d. 2011)
1986 - Miguel Ángel Suvires, teacher.
1986 - Anna Cruz, basketball player

1303 - Beatrice of Castile, wife of King Alfonso III of Portugal
1553 - Michael Servetus, physician and theologian (b. 1511)
1561 - Lope de Aguirre, nicknamed El Loco, explorer and conqueror of South America (b. 1510)
1945 - Antonio Palacios Ramilo, architect. (b. 1874)
1946 - Pelayo Quintero Atauri, painter and writer (b. 1867)
1959 - Juan José Domenchina, writer and critic pertaining to the 27 Generation. (b, 1898 Madrid)
1990 - Xavier Cugat, Spanish-American violinist, bandleader, and actor (b. 1900)
1995 - Francis Sancho Rebullida, jurist and foralist. (b. 1921)
2008 - José María Cuevas, former president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE). (b. 1935)
2009 - Carmela Arias y Díaz de Rábago, financier (b. 1920)
2010 - Joan Solà Cortassa, philologist and linguist (b. 1940)