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October 31

Saint’s Day for Alonso, Quintín, Urbano and Eustaquio. All Hallows Eve – the eve of All Saints’ Day.

1615 - Miguel de Cervantes dedicated to Count de Lemos the second part of Don Quixote.
1850 - the building on La Carrera de San Jerónimo in Madrid which still houses Congress was officially inaugurated.

Congress of Deputies - https://www.esmadrid.com

1978 - a landmark day for Spain, when parliament approved the new Constitution, which was ratified in a referendum in December that year.
1980 - First official trip by a Spanish king to Indonesia.
2007 - Jamal Zougam,  is one of six men implicated in the Madrid Train Bombings he was convicted of 191 charges of murder and 1,856 charges of attempted murder, and received a sentence of 42,922 years in confinement

1729 - Alonso Núñez de Haro y Peralta, cleric, Archbishop of Mexico, Viceroy of New Spain (d. 1800)
1748 - José Iglesias de la Casa, poet.
1768 - María Isidra de Guzmán y de la Cerda, teacher (d. 1803)
1790 - Francisco Javier de Istúriz, politician.
1903 - María Teresa León Goyri, writer in Generation 27.
1906 - José María Iribarren, lawyer, journalist, lexicographer, paremiólogo and writer.
1906 - Carlos Lago Couceiro, engineer and naval officer in the Spanish Navy who participated in the Second World War in the service of France. He was decorated by France and the UK.
1910 - Eduardo Maria Enrique Ortiz de Landázuri Fernández de Heredia, doctor and university professor.
1911 - Juan Manzano y Manzano, historian (d. 2004)
1929 - Luis Feito López, renowned abstract and expressionist painter was born in Madrid.
1932 - Godofredo Garabito, writer, academic and politician.(d. 2012)
1941 - Abel Matutes, rhe former Partido Popular Foreign Minister was born in Ibiza
1947 - Carmen Alborch, Minister for Culture under the last Socialist government led by Felipe González, was born in Castello de Rugat, Valencia
1951 - Luis Antonio de Villena, writer.
1957 - Jesús Caldera, Employment Minister with the Zapatero administration, in Béjar, Salamanca province.
1972 - Noelia Amarillo, writer.
1976 - José María Gutiérrez Hernández 'Guti', footballer
2005 - King Felipe VI eldest daughter, the Infanta Leonor, was born by Caesarian section in the early hours.

1214 - Eleanor of England, Leonor Plantagenet, Queen of Castilla (1170: 1214). (b. 1163)
1326 - Juan de Haro, nobel.
1654 - Francisco Correa de Arauxo, composer and organist.
1945 - Ignacio Zuloaga Zabaleta, painter.
1961 - Cayetano Ordóñez, bullfighter.
1970 - Francisco Gómez de Llano, politician (b. 1896)
1998 - María de la Purisima Salvat Romero - nun and saint (Roman Catholic Church) (b. 1926)
2007 - Modest Cuixart, painter, founder of the group Dau al Set.
2010 - Carla Duval, actress and painter.
2012 - Fernando Díaz-Plaja, journalist and historian (b. 1918)