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September 1

Saint’s Days: Arturo, Sixto, Régulo and Gil. The predestination of our Lady.

1054 - Battle of Atapuerca between Fernando I of Castilla, King of Castilla y León and his brother, García Sánchez III, King of Navarra

Ramón Jáuregui

1529 - The Spanish fort of Sancti Spiritu, the first one built in modern Argentina, is destroyed by natives.
1532 - Ana Boleyn becomes the Marquess of Pembroke on the orders of her fiancé, King Henry VIII
1730 - The Timanfaya volcano erupted on Lanzarote
1772 - The Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is founded in San Luis Obispo, California.
1937 - Battle of Gijon begins
2006 - Spain approves plans to deploy 1,100 troops to Lebanon as part of a UN peacekeeping force.
2016 - ‘The slammed door without alternatives by Sánchez predicts elections’. Rajoy lost the first round of voting with 180 votes against. The PP has ruled out the possibility of him tomorrow gaining the support he needs. The PSOE has closed the door to abstention and any other option to form a Government.
2019 - The National Police are searching for Blanca Fernández Ochoa in the Sierra of Madrid – the Olympic medallist in 1992, vanished on 24 August in an area where she grew up, and her family fear the 56-year-old woman athlete has suffered an accident
Ibn Jubayr - https://funci.org/

1145 - Ibn Jubayr, also Ibn Jobair, and Ibn Djubayr was an Arab geographer, traveller and poet from al-Andalus. His travel chronicle describes the pilgrimage he made to Mecca from 1183 to 1185, in the years preceding the Third Crusade. His chronicle describes Saladin's domains in Egypt and the Levant which he passed through on his way to Mecca. Further, on his return journey, he passed through Christian Sicily, which had been recaptured from the Muslims only a century before, and he made several observations on the hybrid polyglot culture that flourished there.
1401 - María de Castilla, infanta from Aragón.
1453 - Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, general (d. 1515)
María Ángela Astorch - https://www.elpandelospobres.com/
1592 - María Ángela Astorch, religious figure and mystic, Born in Barcelona, she founded the Capuchin Poor Clares of Zaragoza and Murcia. She died in Murcia and was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 23 May 1982 (d. 1665)
1709 - Domingo de Basavilbaso, businessman and politician, founder of mail in the Río de la Plata (d. 1775)
Mariana Pineda y Muñoz - https://www.mujeresenlahistoria.com/
1804 - Mariana Pineda y Muñoz, heroine and symbol of the Spanish contribution to the struggle for rights and freedoms in Europe, born in Granada, May 26th the anniversary of her execution is a local holiday in Granada.  She was the daughter of Mariano de Pineda y Ramírez, a Granada ship captain and knight of the Order of Calatrava, and María de los Dolores Muñoz y Bueno from Lucena, who was much younger and of lower social status. For unknown reasons the couple were never married, but lived for a time in Sevilla, where they had a daughter who died shortly after birth. After moving to Granada, where they lived in separate houses, they had a second daughter, Mariana. Mother and daughter moved into Mariano Pineda's residence for a time, until Pineda denounced María Dolores and the two fled, On November 12, 1805 Maria Dolores was arrested and forced to return her daughter Mariana into the custody of her father. After Pineda's death, Mariana Pineda passed into the custody of one of his brothers, and subsequently into that of José de Mesa and Úrsula de la Press, young dependents of her uncle's, under whose charge she remained for most of her childhood
In October of 1819, a fifteen-year-old Mariana married Manuel Peralta Valte, a liberal army officer eleven years her senior. Five months later she gave birth to a son, José María, and the following year to a daughter Úrsula María. In August 1822, her husband died, leaving her an eighteen-year-old widow with two young children
It was apparently during those three years of her marriage, which coincide with the Trienio Liberal, that Mariana joined the liberal cause, and after the restoration of absolutism under Fernando VII in 1823, she welcomed persecuted liberals into her home. In those circles she met a military man with a sterling record, Casimiro Brodett y Carbone. The couple wished to marry, but were unable to as Brodett was denied military dispensation due to his liberal affiliation and was forced to leave the army and Spain for Cuba. For the following two years, Mariana left Granada, and there is no record of what he was doing or where
After her return to Granada, in 1828 Mariana assisted in Captain Fernando Álvarez de Sotomayor's  escape from prison by sneaking friar's robes to disguise him. Fernando was a noted liberal who had been condemned to death for taking part in General Rafael Riego's insurrection 
In a search of her house in 1831, a flag was discovered with the embroidered slogan 'Equality, Freedom and Law' and Mariana was arrested and accused of conspiracy. After a failed escape attempt, she was detained in the Santa María Egipciaca convent in Granada. During the trial, the judge tried to persuade her to betray her accomplices in exchange for leniency, but she refused. Mariana was publicly executed by garrote on May 26. Her flag was burned in front of her. 
In 1856 Pineda was finally re-interred in Granada Cathedral, where her remains lie under a simple tombstone 
1893 - Alfonso Grosso Sánchez, painter (d. 1983)
1907 - Gabriel Sánchez de la Cuesta, doctor (d. 1982)
1911 - Francisco Bonilla Martí, an obstetrician and gynecologist (d. 1994)
1915 - Xam (Pedro Quetglas Ferrer), painter (d. 2001)
1924 - Gustavo Bueno, philosopher
1948 - Ramón Jáuregui, Politician
1952 - Manuel Piñero, golfer
1955 - Jesús Bonilla, actor and film expert.
1969 - Enric Masip, handball player.
1977 - David Albelda, footballer
1979 - Fernando Varela, footballer.
1983 - Iñaki Lejarreta, cyclist (d. 2012)
1983 - José Antonio Reyes, footballer left-winger (Spain 21 caps; Sevilla Atlético Madrid, Arsenal) born in Utrera
1994 - Carlos Sainz Jr, Formula One driver 
1997 - Joan Mir, motorcycle racer

1936 - Isaac Puente, Basque doctor, theoretician of anarchism.
1942 - Juan José Dominguez Muñoz, Franco Falange (b. 1916)
1986 - Ramón Carande, historian and economist.
2003 - Ramón Serrano Súñer, lawyer and politician.
2013 - Ignacio Eizaguirre, Basque footballer and manager (b. 1920)
2013 - Manuel Andrés, actor (b. 1930)