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September 10

Saints Days: Nicolás de Tolentino, Pulquería and Clemente. Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas

1229 - Start of the Conquest of Mallorca by the troops of Jaime I of Aragon.
1570 - Spanish Jesuit missionaries land in present-day Virginia to establish the short-lived Ajacán Mission.
1789 - British Honduras beats Spain in battle of St George

David Trueba - Photo www.es.wikipedia.org

1831 - Law to create the Spanish Stock Market is passed
1865 - Construction of the church of Nuestra Señora de Monserrat is completed – it started in 1755
1910 - In Cádiz, Cádiz FC is founded.
1949 - 'Cabalgata (A Night in Spain)' closes at Broadway NYC after 76 performances 
1967 - The people of Gibraltar vote to remain a British dependency rather than becoming part of Spain.
1976 - The Government approves the plans for the law for political reform which will open the way to democracy
1981 - 'Guernica' by Pablo Picasso returns to Spain
1983 - Cataluña, opens in testing, Televisió de Catalunya (TV3)
1992 - Inauguration of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Located in the southern corner called Golden Triangle of Art Madrid
1992 - Spanish first telecommunications satellite, Hispasat, is launched from the Kuru base in French Guiana.
1994 - US Open Women's Tennis: Arantxa Sánchez Vicario wins her only US singles final, beats Steffi Graf 1-6. 7-6, 6-4
2008 - The European Commission predicts the U.K., Germany, and Spain 'to fall into recession'; the outlook for rest of the Eurozone is gloomy.
2022 - The migratory route from Algiers to the Baleares islands saw 223 people arrive in one day
Alonso Pérez de Guzmán y Sotomayor - https://dbe.rah.es/

1550 - Alonso Pérez de Guzmán y Sotomayor 7th Duke of Medina Sidonia, born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz an aristocrat who was most noted for his role as commander of the Spanish Armada that was to attack the south of England in 1588. He was the great-great grandson of Ferdinand II of Aragón
Afonso's father was Juan Carlos Pérez de Guzmán, who died in 1556. This was two years before the death of his own father, Juan Alfonso Pérez de Guzmán, 6th Duke of Medina Sidonia, meaning that Juan Carlos failed to inherit the ducal title and died merely as the 9th Count of Niebla
His paternal grandmother, who died in 1528 was Ana de Aragón y de Gurrea, an illegitimate daughter of Alonso de Aragón y Ruiz de Iborra, Archbishop of Zaragoza, himself an illegitimate son of king Ferdinand II of Aragón. In 1518 Ana de Aragón had married in succession two Dukes of Medina Sidonia. The first marriage was to Alfonso Pérez de Guzmán, 5th Duke of Medina Sidonia, who was to die childless in 1548. He was declared insane ('mentecato'), which invalidated the marriage and vacated the succession to the title. The bride was then married in the same year, to the 5th Duke's brother, Juan Alfonso, the 6th Duke, born on 24 March 1502. He would survive his bride by three decades, dying at Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in the province of Cádiz on 26 November 1558
Alonso's mother was Leonor de Zúñiga y Sotomayor, a most powerful and wealthy woman, herself daughter of the powerful duchess Teresa de Zúñiga, 2nd marchioness of Ayamonte, 3rd duchess of Béjar, 4th countess of Bañares, 2nd marchioness of Gibraleón, so it was her name Zúñiga, the one to be passed to the family, as she was married to a 'Sotomayor' of a family less endowed with nobility titles, county of Belalcázar, something by no means unique in the high Spanish aristocracy of the time
As Alonso's father, Juan Carlos, had already died in 1556, it was on the death of his grandfather in 1559, that Alonso, only some nine years of age at the time, inherited the ducal title along with one of the greatest fortunes in Europe  (d. 1615)
1561 - Hernando Arias de Saavedra, Spanish governor.
1638 - Maria Theresa of Spain Queen of Louis XiV of France, born in El Escorial (d. 1683)
1930 - Jesus Garay Vecino, Spanish footballer (d. 1995)
1931 - Pepe Rubio, actor (d. 2012)
1943 - Júnior, Filipino-Spanish singer and actor (d. 2014)
1955 - Ignacio Astarloa, politician.
1961 - Alberto Núñez Feijoo, politician.
1964 - Ginés García Millán, actor.
1966 - Jordi Tarrés, test driver.
1969 - David Trueba, director and screenwriter
1982 - Javi Varas, footballer

1986 - Dolores Yoyes González Katarain, ETA militant is assassinated by them.
1999 - Alfredo Kraus, tenor (b. 1927)
2008 - Isaac Montero, writer and scriptwriter. (n. 1936)
2014 - Emilio Botín, banker and businessman , he was the executive chairman of Spain's Group Santander. In 1993 his bank absorbed Banco Español de Crédito (Banesto), and in 1999 it merged with Banco Central Hispano creating Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH) which became Spain's largest bank, of which he was co-president with Central Hispano's José María Amusategui, until Amusategui retired in 2002. In 2004, BSCH acquired the British bank Abbey National, making BSCH the second largest bank in Europe by market capitalisation. He was known for his obsession with growth and performance as well as regularly visiting branches (b. 1934)
Emilio Botín - https://www.eude.pe/