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September 18

Saint’s Day for San José de Cupertino, Irene, Sofía, Metodio and Ricarda.

1502 - Christopher Columbus arrives in Honduras in his fourth and last voyage.
1544 - Francis I of France and Charles I of Spain (and Holy Roman Emperor), have signed La Paz of Crépy, which marked the exit of Carlos of the Italian War of 1542-1546.
1544 - The expedition of Juan Bautista Pastene makes landfall in San Pedro Bay, southern Chile, claiming the territory for Spain

Castle de Cardona - Photo www.spainthisway.com

1714 - The Castle of Cardona in Cataluña, the last garrison of supporters of Charles IV of Austria, surrendered to the Duke of Anjou, Felipe V, in the Spanish War of Succession. Felipe then became the first Bourbon King of Spain.
1810 - The first National Government Junta was established in Chile, essentially the first step towards independence from Spain. It is now celebrated as a national holiday in Chile.
1928 - Juan de la Cierva makes its first flight by the English Channel aboard his autogyro.
1977 - Juan Carlos I concluded the first continental tour to Central America by a monarch of Spain in office.
1999 - ETA declared an indefinite truce unilaterally (ended on December 3, 1999).
2008 - debut of Racing de Santander in European competition (UEFA Cup).
2009 - cessation of emissions of Jetix and and start of Disney XD emissions in Spain.
2018 - The sixth floor of the Hotel Ritz in Madrid collapses resulting in the death of one person while 11 others are injured

1434 - Eleanor of Portugal and Aragón, Portuguese aristocrat, wife of Emperor Frederick III (s. 1467)
1525 - Pedro Enríquez de Acevedo, soldier and politician (d. 1610)
Tomás de Iriarte - https://hmn.wiki/
1750 - Tomás de Iriarte y Oropesa, poet and dramatist. (Fabulas Literarias) born in La Orotava, Tenerife. Tomás was born to the Iriarte family, many of whose members were writers in the humanist tradition. His father was Don Bernardo de Iriarte while his mother was Doña Bárbara de las Nieves Hernández de Oropesa. His brother was Bernardo de Iriarte 
He received his literary education at Madrid, where he went aged 14 in 1764 under the care of his uncle, Juan de Iriarte, librarian to the King of Spain. In his eighteenth year the nephew began his literary career by translating French plays for the royal theatre, and in 1770, under the anagram of Tirso Imarete, he published an original comedy entitled Hacer que hacemos
In the following year he became official translator at the foreign office, and in 1776 keeper of the records in the war department. In 1780 he authored a didactic poem silvas entitled La Música, which attracted some attention in Italy as well as at home
The Fábulas literarias (1782), with which his name is most intimately associated, are composed in a great variety of metres, and was known for humorous attacks on literary men and methods, as was the case, again and again, with Juan Pablo Forner.
During his later years, partly in consequence of the Fábulas, Iriarte was absorbed in personal controversies, and in 1786 was reported to the Inquisition for his sympathies with the French philosophers 
He died of gout at Madrid  (d. 17 September 1791) aged 41

1779 - Tomás Roda Rodríguez, bishop (d. 1858)
1782 - José Tomás Boves, soldier (d. 1814)
1860 - Adolfo González Posada, lawyer, sociologist and writer (d. 1944)
1863 - Lamberto Alonso, painter and tenor (d. 1929)
1888 - Casilda Fernández de Henestrosa y Salabert, noble (d. 1987)
1890 - Tomás Bilbao, architect and politician (d. 1954)
1890 - Anastasio de Gracia, unionist and politician (d. 1981)
1891 - Rafael Pérez y Pérez author (d 1984)
1893 - Frederic Marès, sculptor (d. 1991)
1897 - Pablo Sorozábal, composer and conductor born in San Sebastián (d. 1988)
1901 - Eduard Junyent, priest, historian and archaeologist (d. 1978)
1911 - Carmen Kurtz, writer (d. 1999)
1913 - Anselmo Pardo Alcaide, entomologist (d. 1977)
1913 - Marta Rocafort and Altuzarra, second wife of Alfonso, Prince of Asturias (d. 1993)
1916 - Mercedes Salisachs, writer.
1918 - José Pérez Gil, painter (d. 2008)
1923 - Xavier Valls, painter (d. 2006)
1944 - Isabelo Ramírez, footballer
1945 - Vicente Ripa, politician and professor.
1946 - Rocío Jurado, flamenco singer and actress, born in Chipiona (d. 2006)
1946 - Benjamin Brea Spanish-Venezuelan jazz saxophonist, arranger and teacher, born in Galicia (d. 2014)
1946 - África Pratt, actress.
1949 - Javier Barrero, politician.
1950 - Josefa Frau, politician.
1950 - Empar de Lanuza Hurtado, writer.
1954 - Francisco Canals Beviá, politician.
1957 - Carlos Azagra, cartoonist.
1957 - Xosé Manuel Barreiro, politician.
1957 - Javier Cansado, comic
1960 - Elena Valenciano, politician.
1961 - Iñigo Urkullu, Basque politician.
1962 - Xavier Capellas, composer.
1963 - Neus Sanz, actress.
1966 - Gabino Diego who won the 1991 Goya Award as Best Supporting Actor for the Carlos Saura film ¡Ay Carmela!
1967 - Samuel Ruiz Fuertes, politician.
1968 - Ricardo Bango, footballer.
1970 - Alejandro Agag, businessman.
1971 - Josep Guardiola football player and manager.
1971 - Juan José Valencia, footballer.
1973 - Aitor Karanka de la Hoz, footballer and manager
1976 - Carlitos, footballer.
1978 - Pilar López de Ayala, actress. (Juana la Loca), born in Madrid
1978 - Irache Quintanal, athlete.
1979 - Daniel Aranzubia Aguado, footballer born in Logroño.
1981 - Aitor Luna, actor.
1985 - Braulio Nóbrega, footballer.
1989 - Serge Ibaka, Congolese-Spanish, basketball player
1990 - Cristina Ouviña, basketball player.
1991 - Bruno Hortelano, athlete.

895 - Ricarda Andlau, empress and wife of Charles III (the Fat) (b. 840)
999 - The First Werewolf Licaón, Licantropo Greek-Hispanic.
1328 - Garci Álvarez de Albornoz, V senor of Albornoz.
1624 - Pedro Osores de Ulloa, soldier and administrator (b. 1540)
1893 - Joan Baptista Grau i Vallespinós, clergyman (b. 1832)
1908 - Emilia Calé, writer.(b. 1837)
1913 - Rosendo García-Ramos y Bretillard, scientist and archaeologist (b. 1835)
1936 - Emiliano Bajo Iglesias, politician (b. 1889)
1936 - Teodoro Olarte Aizpuru, businessman and politician.
1943 - Magdalena Cruells y Comas, nun (b. 1864)
1963 - Zacarías de Vizcarra, bishop (b. 1880)
1968 - León Felipe, poet (b. 1884)
1977 - Jaume Elías, fufootballer (b. 1919)
1979 - José Pascual Vila, chemist (b. 1895)
1981 - Alfredo Moreno Uribe, engineer (b. 1902)
1983 - José Pérez Ocaña, painter and activist (b. 1947)
1998 - Poch, musician (Derribos Arias) (b. 1954)
2012 - Santiago Carrillo, communist theorist and politician (b. 1915)
2013 - Rafael del Estad, musician (b. 1938)