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September 5

Saints Days: Obdulia, Sancho, Lorenzo, Justiniano, Rómulo, Donato and Teodoro

1622 - A hurricane has overrun a Spanish fleet bound from Havana to Cádiz and sunk the price galleon Atocha. Only 5 men were rescued, but 260 passengers and 200 million pessos were buried with the Atocha under 50 feet of water
1634 - Battle at Nordlingen; King Ferdinand III & Spain beat Sweden and German protestants
1725 - Wedding of Louis XV and Maria Leszczyńska.

Jose Martinez Tornel - www.regmurcia.com

1909 - Juan Olivert Serra made the first powered flight in Paterna (Valencia).
1921 - Argentina: Buenos Aires is inaugurated in the Teatro Cervantes.
1937 - Spanish Civil War: Llanes falls to the Nationalists following a one-day siege.
1960 - Real Madrid won the Intercontinental Cup beating Peñarol 5-1
2010 - The Basque nationalist group ETA announces a ceasefire in its struggle for Basque independence from France and Spain
Pedro IV of Aragon - https://commons.wikimedia.org/
1319 - Pedro IV of Aragon called the Ceremonious was from 1336 until his death the king of Aragón, Sardinia-Corsica and Valencia, and count of Barcelona. In 1344, he deposed James III of Majorca and made himself King of Majorca
His reign was occupied with attempts to strengthen the crown against the Union of Aragón and other such devices of the nobility, with their near constant revolts, and with foreign wars. In Sardina, Sicily the Mezzogiorno, Greece, and the Balearics. His wars in Greece made him Duke of Athens and Neopatria in 1381 (d. 1387)
1621 - Juan Andrés Coloma, aristocrat born in Elda (d 1694)
1775 - Juan Martín Díez, El Empecinado,  (The Undaunted) guerrillero who fought in the Peninsular War. On October 8, 1808 the privilege of using Empecinado was granted to Juan Martín Diez, not only for himself, but also all his descendants. His nickname has given the Spanish language the verb empecinarse meaning to persist or insist on achieving one's goals , born in Valladolid (d. 1825).
1845 - Jose Martinez Tornel, journalist, lawyer and Spanish writer, founder and director of Daily of Murcia.
1848 - Manuel Giro composer, born in Lérida (d. 1916)
1880 - José María of Manila, Spanish-Filipino Roman Catholic blessed (d. 1936)
1931 - Miguel Pacheco, cyclist.
1966 - Achero Mañas, actor, director, and screenwriter born in Madrid
1970 - Ernesto Pérez Lobo, judoka.
1971 - Andoni Imaz Garmendia, footballer.
1977 - Joseba Etxeberria, football winger born in Elgoibar
1981 - Daniel Moreno, cyclist
1982 - Alexandre Geijo, Spanish-Swiss footballer
1989 - José Ángel Valdés, footballer
1990 - Angy Fernández, singer and actress

1526 - Alonso de Salazar Frías has been given the epithet 'The Witches Advocate' by historians, for his role in establishing the conviction, within the Spanish Inquisition, that accusations against supposed witches were more often rooted in dreams and fantasy rather than in reality and the inquisitional policy that witch accusations and confessions should only be given credence where there was firm independent and corroborating evidence   
1823 - Bartolomé María de las Heras, priest (b. 1743)
1926 - Alejandro Pérez Lugín, novelist.
1932 - Francisco Acebal, journalist, author, and playwright (b. 1866)
1936 - Federico Borrell García, anarchist(b. 1912)
1983 - Antonio Mairena, singer. (b. 1909)