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September 9

Saints Days: María de la Cabeza and Aránzazu
Fiesta of Santa María de la Cabeza in Madrid
Fiesta in honour of Our Lady of Virtue, Moros y Cristianos en Villena, Alicante
Fiestas en Elda, Alicante in honour of Cristo del Buen Suceso

1091 - The Almoravids, who were besieging Sevilla since May, initiated the assault of the same al-Mutamid getting delivered and surrender unconditionally.
1493 - Christopher Columbus, with 17 ships and 1,200 men, sails on second voyage from Cádiz 

Alberto Contador - archive photo

1909 - Real Sociedad Football Club was founded
1909 - In Valencia, the Levante Unión Deportiva was founded.
1936 - The crews of Portuguese Navy frigate NRP Afonso de Albuquerque and destroyer Dão mutinied against Salazar dictatorship's support of General Franco's coup and declared their solidarity with the Spanish Republic.
2012 - Cyclist Alberto Contador confirms his victory in this year's Vuelta a España.

1595 - Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, writer
1618 - Joan Cererols, baroque composer and Benedictine monk. His musical production includes a Requiem composed in the mid-seventeenth century during the great plague which ravaged Barcelona and a Missa de Batalla (Battle Mass) which celebrates the conquest of the Kingdom of Naples
Cererols was born in Matorell. He entered the choir school Escolania de Montserrat around 1626. Cererols took his first steps in music under the direction of Father Joan Marc, a famous organist. After ten years in the exolania Joan was admitted as a novice at the Monastery of Montserrat on 6 September 1636, at age eighteen. The polychoral dialogue texture with a slight gap between the vocal entries within each choir which lightens his style and contrasts with that of the composers of the earliest generation is supposed to be an influence of March
In 1648, Cererols received the permission of Marc to visit Madrid where he could meet the new generation of musicians, After his return, he was confirmed as a member of the monastic community. After the death of Marc in 1658, Joan Cererols became choirmaster in his home monastery, a position he held until his death in 1680. He was 61 years old 
1870 - Antonio Paso and Cano, playwright.
1894 - Antonio Riquelme, actor.
1911 - Antonio del Amo, film director (d. 1991)
1911 - Manuel Sanchís Guarner, philosopher, historian and writer.
1930 - Joaquín Penina, Catalan anarchist.
1932 - Javier Tomeo, writer and dramatist.
1950 - Agustín Díaz Yanes, filmmaker.
1962 - Juan Antonio Ruiz, poet.
1965 - Jesús Vázquez, television presenter.
1970 – Natalia Streignard, Spanish-Venezuelan actress born in Madrid
1971 - Toni Prats, goalkeeper.
1972 - Xavi Pascual professional basketball coach
1980 - Asier Goiria, footballer.
1983 - Vitolo, footballer
2000 - Victoria Federica de Marichalar y de Borbón, granddaughter of king Juan Carlos 1

1654 - Pedro Claver, Spanish jesuit (b. 1580)
1933 - Rafael Campalans, engineer (b. 1877)
1957 - Jacinto Olave, painter and portraitist (b 1877)
2003 - Joaquim Homs, composer (b. 1906)
2006 - Ramon "Tito" Fernandez, director of Spanish cinema (b. 1930)
2011 - Josep Termes, historian (b. 1936)
2014 - Montserrat Abelló i Soler, Spanish poet and translator (b. 1918)